1 Prologue:

Way back when nobody went farther than the destroyed cities. That's when nobody felt like there was any other place, where I was. I'm Charlie, a dragon. I've had the weirdest past, nobody believes me. I'll tell you about it, I was a baby, a human, but I was different I had small spots of scales. My mom never knew if I was her son, that never stopped her from loving me. I loved my mom, she was the best, I mean she cared so much no matter how I looked. Soon enough I grew wings, a tail, sharp teeth and many of them, the worst thing was- I could breathe fire. I was kicked out of my village! There was nothing Millie (my mom) could do, I left. I found more people like me. I was finally happy. "I'm Charlie," he snarled, "Miko" said the tiny human/dragon. "Nice to meet you, Miko!" Charlie shouted with joy. That's when I made my best friend, all I needed. So, that's the short story of my past!

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