1 Transmigrating to the Beast World and Being Besieged

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The wind whistled in her ears.

She fell rapidly as if she was weightless.

Tang Guo suddenly opened her eyes, shocked by the fact that she had lost control and was falling. In the next second, she was controlling the vines and towering trees around her with her supernatural power. One of the vines caught her firmly just as she was about to make contact with the ground.


After recovering from her shock, Tang Guo lay on the canopy and looked at the blue sky and white clouds without moving.

The unfamiliar environment made her especially vigilant, but she quickly frowned. The unfamiliar and strange heat coming from her body made her very uncomfortable.

She looked down and gasped. What the hell was she wearing?

Although she was in the post-apocalyptic world and was short on all kinds of supplies, as a big shot of the post-apocalyptic world, she did not have to worry about clothes!

Why were there only two pathetically small pieces of animal skin that could only cover the important parts?!

When she looked again, the hand wasn't hers either. The skinny body wasn't hers!

There was a movement in the forest. She instinctively looked down and saw several men wearing the same animal skin attire!

So, she had died in the apocalyptic world but transmigrated to this primitive society?

Fortunately, her supernatural power came along with her. She had a wood-element supernatural power that could control plants for her own use. She could also purify the plant origin liquid, absorb the plant origin energy, and upgrade her supernatural power with both the plant origin energy and plant origin liquid. In addition, the plant origin liquid could also treat illnesses and save people.

"What a fragrant female!"

"This scent is the best I've ever smelled!"

"This female is in heat. We have to take her away and deal with her as soon as possible, or she'll attract more males!"

As soon as he said this, the stray orcs immediately became vigilant.

They were wandering orcs and had always fought for themselves. Now that they saw such a delicious little female, they all had the intention to take her for themselves. Hence, the competition between them instantly started.

Tang Guo sensed danger! She had to get out of here as soon as possible!

But they said she was in heat? What was going on?

As she was feeling puzzled, some memories suddenly appeared in her mind. Before the original host was pushed off the cliff by a woman called Hua Yu, she was tricked into eating a fruit. So, was there something wrong with this fruit?!

Tang Guo cursed in her heart. The discomfort in her body was becoming more and more obvious. She did not dare to get off the ground, so she climbed the vines and jumped around the tree.

However, just as she moved, she was discovered by the group of male orcs fighting intensely below!

"Oh no, the little female is getting away!"

Someone shouted and everyone immediately stopped fighting. Then they all started after her.

It was not clear what they were, but some of them could fly! Some could climb trees! Most could jump!

Tang Guo didn't dare to look behind her anymore. She activated her superpower and let the vines around her come out to stop them. Then, she fled!

"The little female scent is getting stronger!"

"Hurry up and catch her!"

The stray beasts clearly felt the restlessness from the depths of the forest!

Many stray orcs lived in this forest. They lacked females to begin with. No one would choose to ignore such a pleasant female smell!

As a result, the chase behind became even more intense.

Tang Guo did not dare to relax for even a moment. She constantly activated her superpower and leveraged the strength of various plants to help her escape.

However, she had forgotten that she had transmigrated, so the max-level superpower she had in the apocalypse had also returned to its original state. Presently, her wood-type superpower was not even level one!

After a few times, she could no longer use her superpower!

She could only rely on her own strength to use the vines to continue escaping.

However, this slowed her down. In a moment, she was surrounded by a group of orcs and had nowhere to go.

Currently, there were six orcs surrounding her, but more male orcs were approaching from the jungle.

Tang Guo's eyes darkened as she tried to suppress the restlessness and discomfort in her body. She had to get out of here as soon as possible!

She was relieved to feel that the space was still there. It was her treasure. This space existed in different dimensions of the world. She could access things through her consciousness, but only inanimate objects could be put into it.

She instinctively reached into the space to get a handy weapon, then suddenly looked and cursed the heavens!

It was true that she had one more chance to live, but she had cunningly emptied all the space she had painstakingly hoarded in the post-apocalyptic world!

It was clear and empty!

Nothing was left behind!

Those weapons she was used to, including guns and knives, were all gone!

"Are you feeling awful, little female?"

To her left, on the nearest tree, was a male orc. He was decent-looking, but his expression was truly wretched. He looked greedily at the ownerless female in front of him.

"You smell so clean and pure. This is your first time in heat, right? Come home with me. I'll definitely dote on you!"

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