My Dominating Apollo Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

My Dominating Apollo


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Clarissa Green never thought that by agreeing to be Mr. Mathew Villin's personal publicist could make her life upside down, breaking all her rules and routines. Finding herself helplessly stuck in a situation where she had to choose her family or her job, Clarissa Green made a shocking decision which made her life even more complicated. ***** Clarissa Green, a sweet, beautiful, hot-headed and stubborn woman who hates it when someone disrespects or speak low of her. She has faced many obstacles in life which made her a strong and amazing woman. Apollo Villin, a dominant, cold, notorious multi-billionaire. he hates one word more than anything and that is mercy. He's not fond of that word and he hates it when someone asks or uses it in front of him. Apollo Villin has many dark secrets and no one ever tried to dig them until he met her. Will she unravel him? All Rights Reserved® Copyrights 2020©


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