1 The secret

Han bilu sat there in a daze as every word word from her daddy's mouth rang in her ears while every expression from her mummy's face was imprinted in her heart. That sinister voice that vomited those cruel and heartless words couldn't possibly be that of her beloved daddy and those expressions of disgust and hate from her mummy couldn't have been meant for her too.

Yes,it couldn't be her! she refuses to accept it. her daddy and mummy clearly loved her alot and have always spoiled her since she could remember so why would they hate and do those evil things to her? why would the parents who had clearly loved her the most want to push her to her death???....

Yes, this must be a misunderstanding....a big misunderstanding. Han bilu tries to lie to herself but as much as she tries to deny the authenticity of the video she just watched, her father's clear voice that was full of sinister hate,her mother's malicious expression, her sisters look of delight and gloat and brother mubai words...Yes brother mubai....how can she ever forget what his voice is like, how can she ever forget his expressions and habit of touching the ring on his finger whenever he is anxious and impatient.

she might try to deceive herself about the others but how can she lie to herself that it wasn't him in the video or that it wasn't his voice that spitted those words full of heartlessness and nonchalance. she grew up with brother mubai and had always worshipped and adored him like an idol. she has always had a crush on her idol ' brother mubai 'and had declared her wish to marry him when she grew up ,her parents and his parents both accented to it as his parents have always adored her and chen mubai didn't have an issue with it. in fact it won't be an exaggeration to say that he loved and adored her,he always spoiled and pampered her in various ways acceeding to all her demands but now....

"Hahahahahaha" "turns out all along I've been nothing but a joke to them all,a puppet that they raised to do their bidding and can be discarded at anytime " she gave out a bitter smile.

" I'm sorry dad and mum but since you all have pushed me to this point then don't blame me for what I'm about to do from now on" 'You want to play this game with me then let's play, I just hope you guys will be able to dance to my tune and never get tired because from now onwards it's no longer going to be your game but mine. it's no longer going to be your tune but mine so put on your dancing shoes and let's see who will laugh last.... ha.Now its going to be a game of endurance...a game of faith ...." she sniggered while looking outside the window to the light raindrops that keeps drizzling ' This will be the start of a new life for you Alex so you better make the best use of it and turn the tide on your favour' she thought to herself but will it be easy???

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