1 Chapter 1 Muzan Kibutsuji

3rd POV

There once a sick young adult name Muzan Kibutsuji. He was suffered from disease that is rare for human, he can't go out or leave his bed when he wanted to. It make him bored yet sad that there's no one always company him.

His mother call a doctor so many times yet failed to cure him. But one day his mother called a doctor that lived in a mountain. Muzan didn't trust that man,not one bit but he had to believe in him.

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One month later ...

He hasn't cured from the disease, the doctor gave him 6 medicine yet did not cured him at all. Muzan thought this man is torturing him by many examples of blood, pill and also bad medicine. Muzan didn't bother by the medicine at first, but now he didn't want it anymore.

One week later.....

The doctor gave Muzan a new medicine that will cured him. At first Muzan thought that he will kill that man that have been torturing him for one month. The doctor say that this medicine is made from blue spider lily that could cured him at night.

Muzan hesitate but he take the pill anyway.

But when the night comes it didn't work.... He order the maid to call the doctor again. The doctor is asking what's wrong.... Muzan said to the doctor.....

"Go to hell"

Muzan killed the doctor and yet he didn't feel guilty but satisfaction from the blood of the doctor ,but when he looked at the bloody doctor on the floor he can't but to eat him. He just realized that the medicine the doctor gave him is actually working. So he went outside of his prison. He killed 28 people in the village and the castle.

He felt much better when he killed and eat the corpse , he is now immortal but there is always one weaknesses.....And is the sun.....



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