2 chapter 2

James!!! Go and attack him now"Charles said as he got into his battle stance. But this time his whole body was emitting flames.

After hearing Charles words James dashed forward towards Henry. Then Henry let out a weak punch towards James's stomach and it sent him flying about few feet away from Henry.

"Did I do that?"Henry thought.

Everyone in the.cafetaria were now murmuring.

But then  Henry looked up. There was a weird screen floating in the air.


[Name :Henry Raphael ]

[Level 1]





[Demon skills]

[Demon infused hands]

[Energy blast][locked]

[Demon hook][locked]


[Strength 5] [temporary stats]

[Agility 5]

[Sensing 5]

[Intelligence 5]

Just after he saw this James let out a shocking lighting bolt towards him and then he fell to the floor.


When Henry opened his eyes he was looking at the white ceiling and got confused..

" Huh? Am I dead". He said.

He then looked around and noticed that he was in a hospital.

"H-how did I get here".  He said.


The sound of the door opening was heard.

"I see you are awake" the lady who came from the door said. "You take some rest and I'll be back shortly" she said

Henry then laid his hand on his head and he started to feel this slight pain. Then he remembered was happened. He then looked up.

[Two unread messages]

"I guess this is real". He thought

[Congratulations on becoming a player]

[Daily quest]

[Grow your raw strength]

[20 push ups]

[20 sit up

[2KM run]

"Huh us this real". Henry said a little too surprised.

He then clicked the status bar.



[Name Henry Raphael]

[Level 1]

[HP 100/100]

[DM 200]

[Exp 0/100]


[Demon skills]

[Demon infused hands]lv 1

[Energy blast] [locked]

[Demon hook] [locked]


[Strength 5]

[Agility 5]

[Sensing 5]

[Intelligence 5]

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[Do daily task and gain permanentl stats]

"So I have to do my daily task before I gain more stats." He said. Iight as well just do it then.

"This is gonna be hard"

"No I can't "

"I have to gain strength"

"Its too hard"



This thoughts when through His mind. He then made up his mind and then started.

Ti tring

[1/20 push ups]




"Now the sit ups"




Ti tring

20/20sit ups complete.

It was now time for the run. Henry came up with and idea. He had to sneak out and run. When he opened the windows he then jumped out and started running. He went round the hospital like twice before he was ready.

2/2km run complete

[Congratulations you have completed daily quest]

The message popped right in front of his face.


[10 frees stats to distribute]

"I'll keep about five if the stats into my strength because I think I need it most". Henry said talking to himselfI. "'ll keep two in agilty for speed and the two in sensing. The last one will go to intelligence".


[Strength 10]

[Agility 7]

[Perception 7]

[Intelligence 6]

[No more stats to distribute]


It had been a week and Henry knew he had gotten stronger. He had lifted everything in the hospital to test his strength. He was now tall and more muscular then before.

" Look at how cool I have gotten". He said. "Everyone in school will like me now. I want to see the look and Charles's face when I beat him up".

Henry knew he couldn't beat charles just yet he needed to get more stronger. He knew he wasn't even ready to beating the number 10 strongest student in their school. But he knew that with the system he would. He then looked at his stats and smiled to him self.


[Strength 40]

[Agility 19]

[Sensing 19]

[Intelligence 12]

"When I get stronger I'll make sure I teach Charles a big lesson".


It was time for Henry to go to school. He was finally going. He had already reached in front of the school and everyon started to whisper among themselves

" Is that really henry"

"He is now taller''

"Not only taller but muscular"

"Did he start exercing"

Henry could hear them but he ignored and kept smiling.


It was lunch time and everyone had gone to the cafeteria. But henry was heading another direction with two other boys holding him by His arm. Henry knew he could beat them with his current stats but just didn't want to show his power just yet. The boys where taking him to Charles.

When he got to Charles. Charles was sitting in one of the classes next to the cafetaria. 

"Hey Henry how you doing" Charles said as he got up from the sit he was sitting on." I've got a lot things for you to do because you have not been around. Now would u do them?". He then tried giving henry some books.

"No I am not doing them" Henry said and this time he was stand with both legs firm on the ground.

"What did you say?". Charles asked as he stepped forward. Just because you where able to give James a little beaten that does not mean you can do the same to me. You are messing with the wrong person.BOYS GET HIM"

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