1 chapter 1

Its Monday and it's time for school. School is one of the worst things that has happened to me. 

 I leave in a world where powers is a major deal and I was born without one. In school I get bullied almost every single day. The worst part about it is the fact that my parents are one of the strongest heroes in the world today.

My dad is the number one hero and my mum tails him as the number two.

I forget about all the annoying stuff and head to school. At the entrance I see the most annoying people of the world. The big 3 of hero vine junior high. And they are also my bullues, just to make that clear to you all.

"Hey you powerless man. How you doing today. Charles said you shout meet at the cafe during lunch with his homework done" James the second strongest student from hero Vine. 

By the way Charles is the strongest. 

My name is Henry and this is the story of how I became the king of demons.



Its lunch and I just realised I have not done charles homework yet. Just then.....

"Hey Henry, Charles is calling you from the cafeteria". One of Charles right hand boys informed me.

"Oh no I have not done the assignment. What do I do". I said shaking uncontrollable.

I gathered enough courage and went to the cafe.

Hey dude. What about my assignment."Charles asked seeming a little too friendly.

I-i have not done it yet. I said stammering and shaking at the same time.

"YOU WHAT!!!"Charles said as he stood up from his chair and them activated his powers." You better be joking cause if not I'll fry you to bits".

I was so scared but I gathered enough courage to tell him I did not do is homework.

He then pointed his hands which was bringing out flames toward my face.

"Hey guys hold him against the wall" he said

He folded his hand into a fist and them it pit fire. His power is flames. It comes out from how much he sweats. He then gave me a flaming punch. And then another. It went on for like about 20 punched then gave me a full on flaming kick. This time I spotted a hand full of blood from my mouth and then I closed my eyes I was in much pain. Then I felt this bolt of energy building up inside me. And then I heard this dark male voice.

[You are now in much pain]

[Activate demon power]

Then I saw the same set of words floating in the air. It had an option

[Yes] or [No]

I didn't know what to do.

Then I said 


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Then I  a  purple coulored light started emitting from my body. 

"Huh? What is wroms with the boy" Charles said stepping back a little.

[To much pain adding all stars to strength]



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