1 life In Chains

Today....it starts off as any other day, pain suffering, blood. My name? I don't know my name...I'm a slave, also a Neko. we are looked down upon in my world but one day....I vow to get vengeance to take back what was originally ours....

I quickly pick up a bag of rice as my heart beats fast hoping I don't get caught slacking.

*SLASH* I hear a sword cut into someones skin. I squint my eyes trying to catch a glimpse of who just died. My eyes widen with hatred, fear, and rage. "m-mizumi-chan!". Mizumi was like a sister to me she was very weak but very young too, I would try to do her work for her but...I guess I was too late.. I run to the scene jumping on whoever was attacking her. I was foolish for not looking who I had just sinked my claws in.

I wake up feeling numb, "w-what happened". I say weakly not expecting anyone to be around . my memory was still a bit hazy, "what a nice expression your making..." a deep male voice says with a cold tone. I flip around to see who it was but I was stoped by a hand pushing me down with force. " Someone help me!!!" I scream but a hand covers my mouth.

"Now now , as much as I love hearing you scream..I don't have time for me to get side tracked... I squirm trying to break free but I'm too weak. The man grabs my face so I can see him. his hand stars to tease me going down my back while he kisses my neck. "Ngh...s-stop". He smirks and continues. My eyes tear up from how sensitive i am. I am ashamed by how much I want more of this but at the same time I want to stop. He looks at my face and looks startled, why are you crying! He looks at me with a annoyed face. "I-" before I could say anything he picked me up and set me in a chair.

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