1 To give new birth to my dream

The journey starts with a goal which give me inspiration to see and do what I want and want I want to become actually everyone get excited to become engineer, doctor, police officer and etc but anyone thought that to become something we have to achieve it to be superior with the work we do just don't dream it try that the dream saw by me will come true one day and then see the magic in your life have trust and hope on what u do just don't leave our moto should be to complete it when a hen give birth to a baby cheek immediately the baby doesn't walk and fly he try try until he can't walk or ran and we will have someone who will support us to do what we want to become this was the connecpt and message I want to give to all youth present today's youth is busy in doing wrong things and all have lost doing things which will not give them any chance to do something better in there life as they are not even more important than what you do so now ur running out time so its day today to give birth to your dream and consentrat on what u do and have a moto in your dream I can and I will definitely do it and now my journey starts with a new day and new inspiration 😊 πŸ˜‰ thanks if u want to read more about any comment me