8 Twin Fire Mountain


Henrick stopped in his tracks and silently thought in his mind.

As soon as he did that the familiar blue-colored holographic screen appeared in front of him.


Daily missions.

Meditate (0 / 2 hours)

Simple exercises (0 / 2 hours)

Sweep the floor in front of the trial building.

Note:- Rewards will only be given after completion of all three daily missions.

'Huh? Only 2 hours of meditation?'

Henrick was not surprised by the three simple daily missions. Generally, this was his normal schedule, he followed every single day except for a single change.

He meditated for more than 6 hours every day. So, when he saw the mission for meditating was only 2 hours, he asked the system about it.


Before officially becoming a cultivator, it is not a good thing to meditate for more hours.


Henrick didn't know about it until now as no one explained it to him.



The system instantly replied with a single word.

Any working disciples that entered the blazing inferno sect know only one thing. That was to sense the fire elements and attend the outer sect disciple assessment to become an outer sect disciple.

"Okay then," Henrick nodded his head and looked at the mountain in the distance and muttered, 'Just you wait, I will slowly climb to the top of you, Twin fire mountain.'

Twin Fire mountain was the only biggest mountain in Aswor county. It was widely known that there were two high-level fire veins beneath it and that was the reason why the famous Blazing Inferno sect selected this Twin fire mountain as its base.

Once a working disciple becomes an outer sect disciple, they will be given a separated cave abode at the bottom of the 'Twin Fire Mountain'.

If an outer sect disciple had potential and noticed by an outer elder of the sect, he would recommend them to the inner sect disciple assessment and then he could have a chance to become the inner sect disciple.

'Anyway, it is all in the future and no use thinking about it now,' Henrick, soon stopped thinking about the future and continued walking towards the dining hall.

'First, I will eat something and take some tips from the Elder Eagor and then go back to y sweeping,' Along the way, he planned about his next actions.

The dining hall for working disciples was very close to their dormitories, so within no time he had reached the dining hall.

Soon, he took his plate filled with some brown bread and some soup, who knows from what it was made up of.

It was a simple breakfast for every working disciple and they don't even have any right to complain about it. If they had a problem with it, they could leave the sect anytime they want.

'This is the first time I have seen the dining hall so peaceful,' Henrick smiled as he remembered the usual crowd in the dining hall. There were even times he didn't find a seat to sit in.

Finally, he chose his favorite spot near the window and started eating while observing the view through the window.

"Hey brat, where did you go last night?"

As he was enjoying his simple breakfast, someone sat beside him and asked in a serious voice that made him shuddered.

"That is...that is..," Henrick didn't expect that the Elder Eagor would ask about it and he didn't know what to reply.

'I will say that I was struck in the cursed building,' Henrick shuttered for a moment and finally decided to talk about the old cursed building, which was a trial building.


Master, if you reveal the secret about the trial building then you will die. Unless you become a high-level challenger, you are not permitted to say anything about the tribal building.

Just as he was about to reveal a secret about the cursed building, the system warned about the consequences of revealing it.

'Really? I will die if I talk about it?' Henrick looked at the holographic screen in front of him and anxiously thought in his head.


Yes, so be careful when you talk about the trial building.

'Phew...thanks system for saving me,' Henrick heaved a sigh of relief and thanked the system for saving him

"Hey, brat! Stop spacing out into space and speak to me," As he was heaving a sigh of relief, he was brought back to reality by the Elder Eagor's loud voice.

"Sorry Elder, when I was sweeping in front of that cursed building, I was knocked out by some outer sect disciples," Henrick, hurriedly said whatever that came to his mind.

"What? Those outer sect disciples are becoming more and more undisciplined lately," When he heard Henrick's words, Elder Eagor became angry and slammed the table and asked, "Did you see them?"

"No," Henrick shook his head and with a slight smile on his face, he continued, "No need to rage on them, Elder. Because of them, I am finally able to sense the fire elements in nature."

Since he was unable to say anything about the cursed building then he thought he could say about his own achievement with the Elder.

Henrick didn't have any anger on the outer sect disciples who kicked him into the cursed building because he got a cultivation system and got access to a trial building which no one had. In fact, he felt grateful to them. But the sad thing was he didn't know who were the ones that kicked him into the cursed building.

"Really? Good...good," When he heard Henrick's words Elder Eagor's angry face immediately turned into a happy face, and nodded his head while muttering 'good'.

Henrick also felt warm when he saw how happy Elder Eagor was and continued eating his breakfast and within no time, he finished it.

"So, when are you going for the outer sect disciples assessment?" Elder Eagor slowly asked Henrick and looked at the 'Twin fire mountain' through the window.

"Two more months from now," Henrick replied casually before he started walking out of the dining hall.


Elder Eagor was puzzled at his answer and asked the reason for waiting that long.

"Oh no...I need to go to my work," Henrick didn't give a proper answer as he felt that Elder Eagor would think he became crazy for waiting that long.

'This brat…,' Elder Eagor shook his head looking at Henrick's action, and smiled before returning back into the dining hall.

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