9 System's origins

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"Finally, I can sense the fire elements in nature and I can attend the outer sect disciple in two days...Haha,"

"Damn it...didn't you enter the sect later than me? How can you already sense the fire elements,"

"I barely able to sense the fire elements now and I can confidently say that in the next month's event, I will be able to sense the fire elements completely,"

"I think I have no hope and will be kicked out of the sect soon as I will be completing my one-year stay in a couple of days,"




When Henrick was running towards the old cursed building, he saw all the working disciples returning from the event and talked with each other.

Some were happy, some were expectant and most of them were disappointed as they needed to either wait for a couple of months to get some hope in sensing the fire elements or wait for some fortuitous encounters.

'Thanks to the heavens, I gained a cultivation system and was able to sense the fire elements; otherwise, I would have the same sad expression as most of them,' Henrick thanked the heavens as they finally opened a cultivation path for him to walk.

Soon, he reached the familiar old building and went towards an old man, who was in meditation.


Henrick slightly coughed to wake up the old man in front of him.

The old man looked very thin that if someone saw him from a distance they would think he was a skeleton.

"Hey brat, you didn't return here yesterday to report your accomplishment of the given task," The old man opened his eyes and with an expressionless face, he asked Henrick about his task completion status and why he failed to report it.

"Sorry, Elder. Yesterday, I felt unwell and after finishing my sweeping task, I directly headed to my dormitory. I will never do that again," Henrick quickly apologized to the thin old man.

"Okay, since you have never missed a day from the beginning, I am not giving any punishment for you, and don't repeat it," the thin old man waved his hand and a long broomstick appeared out of nowhere before landing in Henrick's hands.

"Thank you, Elder," Henrick hurriedly thanked the old man before rushing out of that Task-management building.

That's right'! This build was called Task-management building, where various types of tasks were given to the working disciples.

Since the sect was providing free food and residence for them, they need to complete the tasks that were given to them.

Only when they become an outer sect disciple, they could be free of these assigned tasks. So, they were very eager to sense the fire elements and become outer sect disciples.

'Finally, back to my sweeping task,' After rushing out of the Task-management building, he came to his sweeping area and started sweeping the floor.

Although he didn't know the purpose of sweeping the same floor every day, he didn't have a complaint as it was one of the easiest tasks that were given by the task-management building.


He continued to sweep the floor while whistling.

'By the way, system. Where did you come from?'

As he was bored with his routine task, Henrick asked the system about its origins as he still didn't have a clue about how it entered his head.


'My Cultivation System' is a reward for the challenger who passed the first trial of the trail building without any cultivation.

As usual, the system instantly replied to Henrick by sending a notification.

'Huh? So, you are a part of the cursed building...I mean trial building?' Henrick was surprised as he read the holographic screen in front of him and raised another question while continuing his sweeping.


No, I am not a part of the trial building. I can't even compare myself with that behemoth and I don't know much about it. So, I suggest the master become stronger and make me strong along with you.

The system reply caused Henrick to shock.

Because, from the scroll, he learned how powerful the system can be; however, it was fearing the old cursed building.

'Now, you truly piqued my interest. Just wait for a while, along with the twin fire mountain, I will conquer it one day...Haha,' Another thing was added to his 'To do list' and continued sweeping until lunchtime before returning to the dining hall to eat.

'Sigh...no seat to sit again,' In the dining hall, Henrick was the unluckiest person as he could not find a seat most of the time.

Nevertheless, he was used to it and finished eating before leaving for his task.

The whole afternoon, he swept the entire area around the old cursed building without any mishaps.

'Should I visit the cursed building once?'

When he was about to leave the area to report back at the task-management building, a sudden thought came to his mind.

That was to try testing his entry into the cursed building.

Initially, he didn't have any interest in entering the cursed building as he knew he was not strong enough to clear any of the trials inside it.

However, when the system considered itself like an ant in front of the cursed building, his interest had increased and wanted to check it once more and this time he wanted to check it more clearly to find something valuable for his cultivation journey which was yet to be started.


Without wasting any time, he checked his surroundings before silently thinking in his head.


Once the master exits the trial building, he needs to wait at least a month to re-enter it.

Instead of entering into the cursed building, what he got was a reply from the system that explained he could not enter the trial building for a month.

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"So, there is a rule like that? Nevermind then," Henrick shook his head and didn't even bother to glance at the old cursed building before reporting his task completion and left for his dormitory.

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