3 Sudden Transformation


'Mom, I will go to Vlester city and attend the four sects' recruitment,' a young man looked at a woman and said with an excited look on his face.

'Henrick, why don't you wait for another year to attend the recruitment?' the woman, who looked to be in her thirties, worriedly replied to the young man.

The young man was none other than Henrick, and the woman was his mother, Adira. She had long black hair, which was fluttering in the air whenever the wind passed over them.

'Mom, how can I become a great immortal cultivator if I don't hurry up with my cultivation?....' Henrick slowly tried to convince his mother with his continuous blabbering of something about immortals and cultivators.

'Okay, you can go. But you have to send letters to me every once in a while,'

Finally, after repeated pitiful requests from her son, she had agreed to send her son to the Vlester city with a small condition.

'I know my mom will agree to my request. Mom is the best,' Henrick hurriedly hugged his mother and started praising her while continuing, 'Mom, once I become a high-level cultivator, we will travel to all the places you wanted to see. What do you say?'

'Sure. I will be waiting then,' Adira's last worried look on her face was replaced with a small yet bright smile.


"Sorry mom, I can't fulfill my promise anymore,"

Looking at the purpleback dark wolf that was rushing towards him, Henrick suddenly thought back to the promise he had made with his mother.

However, before he could even set foot on his cultivation journey, he was going to die, which made him regret coming to the Vlester city.


The purpleback wolf covered the distance between them in a few seconds and slashed its claw at him.


When he saw the claw, he unconsciously moved back a step and escaped a fatal injury; however, three lines of blood appeared on his chest due to the slash from the claw.

Blood rapidly gushed out from them and made his dirty robes cover in red colour.


When the purpleback wolf saw that its fatal attack was missed, it became angry and slammed into him.


Henrick flew away with force from the slam and hit the weapon rack behind him.

As soon as he hit the weapon rack, all the weapons fell to the ground just like him.

'Is this the end? Even a rank 1 beast was mocking me,' Henrick looked at the purplebak wolf, which walked towards him slowly. In its eyes, he could notice a mock towards him.

Before coming to Vlester city, he had grand dreams of becoming an immortal cultivator; however, he was going to die in the hands of the lowest level beast, which made him bitterly shook his head.

'Huh? What is happening?'

All of a sudden, his bloodied body started glowing with a bright light that made him anxious.

'Why am I even worrying? I will be dying in the claws of this beast anyway,' However, he didn't bother about the bright light that was coming from his body and closed his eyes while thinking, 'At least let me rest in my death.'

After coming to the blazing inferno sect, he didn't have enough rest and continuously worked the entire day. In the night, he dedicated himself to meditation, which was believed to help in sensing the elements in nature.

So, he always looked tired as he didn't even start his cultivation yet.

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Just as he closed his eyes to die peacefully, he opened his eyes once again; however, his eyes were glowing with blood-red colour this time. In a second, he stood up on the floor and turned his hands into fists.

His below-average body started to bulge a little, and finally, his build became an average one.


Looking at Henrick's sudden change, the purpleback wolf hesitated to move towards him; instead, it started growling.

"Die, you lowly beast,"

Henrick's voice also changed and sounded more like a different person. He took a couple of steps in an instant before punching the skull of the purpleback wolf.


The purpleback wolf instantly fell to the ground with his punch and howled painfully before starting to retreat and rushed towards the door that it had come from earlier in order to escape.

'Thinking of escaping after you tried to kill me? In your dreams,' Henrick scoffed at the escaping purpleback wolf before glancing at the surrounding weapons on the ground.

'Hehe...let's see how you will escape,' He casually picked a black spear near him and threw it at the escaping purpleback dark wolf.


Before the wolf could even move a few meters from him, the black spear pierced through the back of the wolf before nailing it into the floor.


The purpleback dark wolf twitched its body for a few moments with painful growls from its mouth before dropping dead.


Initial trial:- Kill the rank 1 mutated purpleback dark wolf is completed.


Sending the promised rewards in a while; Please wait.

As soon as the purpleback dark wolf died, Henrick heard the earlier mechanical voice beside his ear.

However, before he could think about anything, he fell to the ground with a 'thud' and started snoring without a care in the world.

His average build also returned to his original below-average build, and the previous serious look on his face had turned back into a normal one.

The dead purpleback dark wolf's dead body started disappearing in the distance and turned into small light particles that slowly entered into Henrick's body, one light particle after another.


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