14 Sect leader Gamos

Five days later,


Completed the daily missions


Low-level fire-element sensing fruits x 3


Fire-element affinity increased by 1 percent.

A series of system notifications woke Henrick up from his meditations.

'Sigh...once again only 1 percent and the same sour fruits as a reward,' Henrick sighed looking at the system notifications while muttering inside his head.

"Here you go, Little one,"

As usual, the three fruits appeared in his hand and he gave the two fruits to the baby fire monkey while he ate the remaining fruit in his hand.

From the past five days, he followed his daily routine and completed the daily missions. The rewards for the daily missions were the same three sour fire-element sensing fruits.

'Not bad,' After eating the same sour fruits for the past five days, he got accustomed to the sour taste.


Fire-element affinity increased by 1 percent.

'Woah! Another percent...looks like I am lucky today,' Henrick didn't get any increment in his element affinity when he ate the fruits previously; however, today finally, he got the reward for eating the sour fruits.

'Total element affinity,'

Henrick didn't check his element affinity for quite a while, so he casually thought in his head.

Soon, a holographic screen appeared in front of him.


Element Affinity:- Fire elements (66 percent)

'I still got a long way to reach the 100 percent,' Henrick bitterly shook his head.

In the beginning, his element affinity increased rapidly; however, it's speed decreased after it reached 60 precent.

When Henrick asked the system about it, the system replied


As the element affinity increases, it will become difficult to progress.

The system reply was very simple. To reach 100 percent in the fire element affinity, he needs to repeat his routine for more than a month.

'Anyway, 66 percent of element affinity is better than the working disciples who are still unable to sense the fire elements in nature,' Henrick also consoled himself by comparing it with working disciples as that would make him feel better.

"Tomorrow is the outer sect disciple assessment. I need to get a good ranking in it to get a better cultivation abode even among the low-level ones," Soon, Henrick stood up from the ground and thought about the assessment.

'Little one, let's go,' Henrick went to report his task accomplishment at the task-managing building and went back to his dormitory.


In the outer sect,

The Blazing inferno was divided into two sects namely outer and inner.

The inner sect and its disciples were stationed at the mid-section of the twin fire mountain whereas the outer sect was located at the bottom of the mountain.

As for the top section, it was under the control of the sect leader and all the important cultivators were stationed at the top of the mountain.

Inside a huge building at the bottom section of the mountain, two people were conversing with each other.

Rather than conversing, it could be said as a question and answer between a middle-aged man and a young man.

"Did you finish all the arrangements for tomorrow's assessment?" a middle-aged man in red coloured robes looked at the young man in front of him.

"Yes, sect leader Gamos," The young man, who looked in his early twenties politely answered to the man in red robes.

"By the way, tomorrow I will attend the assessment," Sect leader Gamos, with his average build, stood up from the majestic chair before saying it to the young man.

"Huh?" the young man raised his brows for a moment and asked, 'Why sect leader Gamos?'

The young man was really confused as to why the outer sect leader, who remained aloof to many things in the past, suddenly called him and asked him many questions.

What's more, he even said that he would attend the outer sect disciple assessment which made him confuse even more.

"It's none of your business, Fromir. You can go now," Sect leader Gamos motioned his hand and asked the young man to go from the building.

"Yes. sect leader," the young man cursed the sect leader inside his heart; however, he politely left from the building.

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'Just you wait for some time, I will show you what I am capable of,' the young man thought with a hateful expression on his face.

Although he looked like a young man in the early twenties with a handsome face, his true age is more than 100 years.

Fromir was the grand elder of the outer sect and he used some secret technique to maintain his young man's appearance.

Just like a sect, the blazing inferno sect's outer and inner sects also have a sect leader, a grand elder and 10 elders that manage various things in their respective sects.

'How dare you try to plan an ambush on one of my sect's missions. As of now, I don't have enough evidence to prove it but I will get a chance where I kill you in front of your own father,' After Fromir left from the sect leader's building, Gamos, the sect leader of the outer sect muttered in a low voice.

While saying that he had a cruel expression on his face. Nonetheless, soon he calmed himself and started meditating.



'Less than 10 hours to prove myself and get a high ranking in the outer sect disciple assessment. Once I get a high ranking, I can get a good cultivation abode, cultivation techniques...Just thinking about them is making me excited,'

Henrick was unable to get sleep and continuously thought about tomorrow's assessment.

Beside him, the baby fire monkey had long entered into a deep sleep without a care in the world.

All the other roommates were having an anxious expression on their faces because of the assessment and tried to sense the fire elements in nature.

As for Henrick, he was thinking about the assessment.

While thinking about the assessment, he unconsciously fell into a deep sleep.

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