17 Rank 3 vitality pills


Every working disciple swallowed the pills that were hovering in front of them without any hesitation as they were given by the sect leader himself.

However, Henrick touched the pill and said 'Inspect' in his head in order to know the information about the pill.


Pill name:- Vitality pill (rank 3)

Use:- This pill makes the consumer feel full of energy and their tiredness will be gone within a couple of minutes.

As soon as he thought 'Inspect', the holographic screen appeared in front of him that gave the name and use of the pill in front of him.

'Rank 3 pill?'

Henrick became shocked as he knew how valuable a rank 3 pill was and could not help but take a glance at the sect leader Gamos.

"Thank you, sect leader, for giving this pills,"

Unlike other working disciples, Henrick thanked the sect leader before consuming the rank 3 vitality pill with great excitement.

It was not like Henrick thanked the sect leader for giving a rank 3 pill, it was his habit to thank anyone who gave him something whether it was a high quality one or a low-quality one.

'What a well-mannered child,'

Sect leader silently praised Henrick for his behaviour and nodded his head.

'Damn it. How can we forget to thank the sect leader?'

All the working disciples cursed themselves for being too excited and consumed the vitality pills.

It was not their fault though. When they saw the green pills, they were unable to control their excitement and hurriedly swallowed them.

Soon, within a few minutes after consuming the rank 3 vitality, everyone's exhausted faces returned back to the lively ones.

"Since everyone has completely recovered their strength both physically and mentally, let me say good news to all," Seeing the working disciples stand up, the sect leader started speaking with a small smile on his face.

'Finally, we all are going to become the outer sect disciples,'

'I can finally start cultivating,'

Without much suspense, every working disciple knew what that good news would be and they started celebrating inside their hearts.

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'Phew...finally its all over,'

Even Henrick was no exception and thought similar to the other working disciples.

"Congratulations to everyone, from now on you are the disciples of the outer sect," As expected by the working disciples, the sect leader congratulated them.


Henrick and other working disciples excitedly shouted when they heard the expected good news from the sect leader.

"Keep quiet, you morons,"

When the grand elder saw their excited looks on their faces, he scolded them to keep quiet.

He was already irritated at the actions of the sect leader and now when he heard those excited shouts from the working disciples, he was unable to control his anger and vented on them.

Hearing the scoldings from the grand elder, all the working disciples instantly became silent.


When he saw that, the sect leader started laughing all of a sudden making all those who were present around him puzzled; however, no one dared to ask why he was laughing.

"Before you start your cultivation journey, let me give you a small tip. Do what you think is right and I know there are times, you can't do what you want to do. So, take that as a challenge and become powerful to do what you want to do," the sect master glanced at the grand elder before giving a small tip to the working disciples.

"Yes, sect master. We will remember these words forever," All the working disciples understood something from the sect leader's words and silently looked at the grand elder and their motivation to become stronger had intensified.

In this world, as long as one had the strength they could do whatever they want and this was a well-known fact to all the working disciples. So, they nodded their heads at the sect leader's words.

'Hehe...how powerful can they become. Even if they are genius and had multiple breakthroughs, by then I would be promoted to the inner sect elder. Then even this Gamos would fear picking a fight with me,' The grand elder didn't even bother with the sect leader Gamos' words as he knew his future lies in the inner sect not in this outer sect.

"So, now there will be a small test to know your exact affinity with the fire element," While the grand elder was thinking about his future, the sect leader took a crystal ball of around the size of a football and continued explaining about the process.

"One by one come and place your hands on this crystal orb and it will show your affinity with the fire element," While explaining that, a rock protruded out of the ground and the sect master placed that crystal orb on it before asking them to come one by one.

'Why is sect master using costliest methods to test their affinity?'

'Isn't it just a waste of his fire energy?'

Just like before, all the 10 elders shook their heads at the actions of the sect leader.

The method the sect leader uses now requires a lot of his fire energy to show the affinity of an individual and this method was used only on the sons and daughters of the elders and other high-level cultivators. So, they thought it was a waste to use it on some working disciples who won't be having any high affinity with the fire elements.

The reason they were made into working disciples was because of their low fire element affinity.

Nevertheless, the sect leader didn't bother with that kind of thinking and started using his inner fire energy to activate the crystal orb.

Soon, one after another working disciple walked towards the orb and placed their hands on the crystal orb.


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