2 Purpleback dark wolf

After three hours,

"Huh? I am still alive," Henrick opened his eyes, and still, there was no light in front of them. So, he assumed that him entering the old cursed building was not a dream. For some reason, he felt happy to be alive.

'Before I fell asleep, I heard a voice beside my ears. Is it my imagination?' Henrick tried to remember what had happened before he fell unconscious and thought, 'It must be my mind playing tricks on me.'

He concluded it as his imagination because he was still alive even after hearing that voice.

'I need to find a way out of this at any cost,' After waking up from his sleep, he felt energized and started searching for an exit.


To leave this trial ground, you need to pass the initial level of the trial.

While searching for an exit, the same mechanical voice that he had heard before falling asleep, heard once again beside his head.

"Who are you?"

This time, he didn't fall asleep and asked the owner of the voice while suppressing his inner fear.


The blood of the new guest has met the requirements.


Initiating the bounding process to the new guest.


Complete the initial trial of the trial ground to become the permanent owner.

However, to his question, the mechanical voice replied with some new terms that made Henrick puzzle and immediately tried to run away from his current position.

'New guest? Bounding process? Trial ground?' Henrick thought about the words he heard from the mechanical voice that came with a 'Ding' sound.

'Wait a second!' all of a sudden, Henrick got a revelation with his thought about the last word.

'Trial ground...so, this is a trial ground,' Henrick stopped running as he knew what trial grounds meant. It means the place where famous sects send their disciples to gain various rewards from those grounds.

"Who are you? I will participate in the trials of this trial ground,"

Since it was trial ground and this unknown person had said that he could leave from this cursed building as long as he cleared the trial, he wanted to try it.


A new trial will be opened for the guest to complete in a few seconds. Please wait.

As soon as he agreed to participate in the trial, he heard the same mechanical voice beside his ears; however, when Henrick waved his hand behind him, he felt no one behind him.

Nevertheless, Henrick didn't bother about it as his focus was entirely on thinking about his trial.


The new trial will be initiated after this system notification.

He didn't think for much time before he again heard the familiar mechanical voice that said a new trial had started.

'Huh? A system notification? What is it?' Henrick once again didn't understand some words of that mechanical voice; however, he didn't have the luxury to think about it before the darkroom he was in was brightly lit up with some small floating light orbs.

Before he could look at his surroundings, one of the doors in the distance opened, and a hideous wolf-like creature rushed out of it.

The beast was one-meter height with light purple-colored fur. Its mouth was full of sharp teeth that shined with a bright luster, and from between those teeth, it's saliva was dripping out.

'What? A rank 1 purpleback wolf?'

When he saw the wolf-like creature that came out of a room and stood in front of him while carefully looking at him as though waiting for Henrick to attack it, he thought in his head with a shocked expression on his face.

The beast in front of him was an ordinary rank 1 purpleback wolf reared by the sect to train their young elites; however, the purpleback wolf in front of him looked somewhat different from the ones he had seen in the sect before.


Initial trial:- Kill the mutated rank 1 purpleback dark wolf.

Rewards:- 1) Becoming the true owner of the system

2) An exit door will be open.

Just as he was carefully looking at the purpleback wolf in front of him with a fearful expression, he heard the mechanical voice from beside his ear.

'What the heck! What do you mean by it? How can a normal working disciple like me kill a rank 1 mutated beast?' After hearing the mechanical voice, the first thing he did was to curse the person who was conducting the trial; however, he only cursed in his heart, fearing that person might become angry with his cursing.

The reason for his cursing was a legit one as it was impossible for a person who could not even sense the elements in nature around him to fight a rank 1 beast.


First and last warning, never curse the system.


Reminder:- Kill the beast or remain here until you die.

Amidst his cursing, the mechanical voice resounded beside his ear and warned him not to curse again and gave a reminder that made Henrick bitterly shook his head.

'He might be a high-level cultivator to be able to guess my inner thoughts,' Henrick stopped cursing and looked at the purpleback dark wolf and thought, 'I guess I don't have any chance to go out of this cursed building.'

Even though he felt hopeless, he didn't want to give it up just like that. So, he immediately surveyed the room and found a row of various weapons placed in an orderly manner.

'I need to equip myself before this beast attacks me,'

With that thought in his head, he slowly started moving towards the weapon rack with light steps, and at the same time, he kept an eye on the purpleback wolf for its sudden attacks.

'Just a few more steps,'

To his surprise, the purpleback wolf didn't even attack him, making him heave a sigh of relief. So, he increased his speed.


Just as he increased the speed of his movements, the purple back wolf howled and jumped at Henrick.

'Oh, no. I can't make it,' Henrick, who was still some distance away from the weapon rack, hurriedly looked at the wolf and thought with a worried expression on his face.


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