4 Newbie gift package

After who knows how many hours, all the small light particles entered Henrick's body.


Congratulations to the new guest for successfully completing the initial trial.


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As it is the first successful completion of the trial, the system will heal all the injuries on the guest.

As Henrick was sleeping peacefully on the floor that was entirely covered with his blood, the mechanical voice continued to resound in the room. It didn't stop there but continued,


Binding the system to the new guest...


Binding to the new guest is now successfully completed.



The mechanical voice didn't stop for nearly thirty minutes as it continued to say one thing after another; however, Henrich was utterly oblivious to that mechanical voice as he was peacefully sleeping on the floor.


While Henrick was sleeping peacefully, there was someone in the sect worried about him.

"Where did this brat disappear? He is never late for dinner. Did something happen to him?" In the dining hall for working disciples, an older man with a white beard raised his brows as he didn't find Henrick even after dinner time was finished.

"Hey brat, did you see Henrick?" While he was thinking about Henrick, he saw a group of working disciples leaving the dining hall and inquired about Henrick as he assumed they might have an idea of Henrick's whereabouts.

"Huh? We didn't see him from lunchtime, Elder Eagor," All the working disciples looked at each others' faces before shaking their heads and replied.

"Okay," The old man with a white beard, who was called Elder Eagor nodded his head before ordering them, "Once he returns to the dormitory, ask him to meet me in the dining hall."

"Yes, Elder Eagor," The working disciples nodded their heads and left for their dormitory.

Only Elder Eagor was close to him in the whole sect because Henrick was a very hard worker among all the working disciples. Elder Eagor liked his hard-working nature and helped him from time to time by giving some small tips in sensing the elements in nature.

'Sigh...such a good working disciple. I hope nothing bad happens to him,' the old man sighed and hoped that Henrick would return back soon.


After a few hours,

'Huh? Where is the purpleback wolf?'

Henrick, who was peacefully sleeping, awakened from his slumber all of a sudden and hurriedly checked his surroundings for the purpleback wolf.

"Where is it? What happened to my injuries?" While checking for it, he unconsciously touched his chest, and he was shocked to see that there were no injuries.

'Is it a dream? No, there is still blood on my robes,' Henrick thought it must be a dream; however, his robes were covered entirely in blood, which rejected his earlier thoughts and slowly stood up from the floor.


A newbie gift package has been sent to the host. Do you want to open it?

Just as he stood up, he heard the familiar mechanical voice from earlier.

'Huh? A newbie gift package? Wait for a second; why do I hear that voice in my head? Did I possessed by that person who conducted the trial?'

However, there was a small difference to the mechanical voice he had heard before he fell asleep and now.

Earlier, he used to hear that mechanical voice beside his ears; but now, he heard it in his head that made him think that he was possessed.

Along with that, there were many questions raised in his head about everything that had happened from the moment he had entered this old cursed building.


Do you want to open the newbie gift package?

As he was still wondering who he was possessed by, the mechanical voice once again rang in his head, asking him about something called a newbie gift package.

'Open it,'

Suppressing his fear, he finally decided to open it after thinking for a moment.

Although he was fearful of some unknown thing in his head, he was also curious about the newbie gift package, which that unknown thing in his head was asking for his permission to open.

So, he gave permission to open it and see what would happen to him.


Opening the newbie gift package…Please wait.


Do you want me to project my notifications in front of you?

As soon as he gave permission to open it, he got two sentences as a reply with a 'Ding' sound.

The first one asked him to wait, whereas the second one asked for his permission for something that Henrick didn't understand. Nevertheless, he gave permission to that unknown thing in his head.


From now on, the host can see my notifications on a holographic screen.


A scroll that contains detailed information about the system and its working is gained from the package.


Checking that the host didn't even start his cultivation. Sealing the other two items that came out of the newbie gift package.

Within the next few seconds, some weird blue-colored light screen appeared in front of him, and on it, there were some words in a foreign language to him.

'Huh? A scroll?'

Nevertheless, he paid full attention to the words that rang in his head and thought about the scroll, which was mentioned by the mechanical voice.


Just as he thought about the scroll, it appeared in his hands out of thin air.

'What kind of martial technique is this?'

Henrick looked at the scroll in his hand and muttered before slowly opening the scroll.


As soon as he opened the golden scroll in his hands, something flew out of it and entered into his head that made him cry in pain.

'Stop it...stop it. Someone help me,'

Henrick rolled on the floor, clutching his head, and asked help from someone; However, he forgot that there was no one inside the old cursed building to help him.

Nevertheless, the pain didn't last for much longer before Henrick stopped shouting in pain and gasped for breath.

'So, the thing in my head is a system?'


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