7 Henrick's plan


As soon as he shouted out loud, all the surrounding working disciples around Henrick turned their heads towards him and glared at him.

'Sorry sorry,' Henrick quickly apologized to them as he knew what he did was wrong.

Every working disciple worked very hard to sense the fire elements in nature and start their first step towards cultivation.

So, what he did just now was disturbing their meditation.

Another important thing about the famous Blazing inferno sect was, all the disciples, whether they were inner, outer, or even working disciples, have an affinity with the fire element.

Even if it was a person with high affinity with other elements, the Blazing inferno sect would not recruit him/her.

'So, system, now I can start cultivating, right?' Henrick quickly closed his eyes and talked with the system in his head.


Owner, you have…..

'System, can you stop addressing me as 'Owner'? If you want, then use 'Master','

Before the system could give a reply, Henrick interrupted it.

Henrick felt weird whenever the system addressed him as owner. So, he asked it to change the way it addressed him.


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Master, this is only the beginning and your sensitivity towards the fire elements is still low.

'But, as long as someone senses the fire elements in nature started their cultivation and entered the outer sect,' According to what he had seen in the past 10 months, Henrick knew that all the working disciples who sensed the fire elements attending the outer sect assessment and became the outer sect disciple without any difficulty.


Generally, as long as a person sense an element in nature, then they can officially start their cultivation; however, I suggest the master not to start the cultivating until his sensitivity towards the fire elements is increased.

The system answered every question that Henrick asked in full detail as it was its duty to guide its master on the true cultivation path.

'So, you are telling me not to attend the monthly outer sect disciples assessment and should wait until my sensitivity with the fire elements reaches a high-level? But why? Entering into the outer sect doesn't mean that I have to cultivate,' Henrick understood the inner meaning of the system's words but why should he not attend the outer sect disciples assessment?


According to the system's knowledge of famous sects, once you become their disciple, outer or inner sect, you will be entered into a different world which is full of competitiveness and what's more, only those who can make fast breakthroughs will get proper attention and care from the sect.


Even if you don't want to enter that world, you will unconsciously fall into that competitive world. So, the system is suggesting the master start cultivating only when his sensitivity with the fire elements are high.

The system explained in detail about some things about the sects that Henrick had never heard or knew before.

'Okay then, I will follow your advice and continue to meditate just like before and increase my sensitivity towards the fire elements,' Henrick didn't have a reason to reject the system's suggestion as it was its duty to guide him.

'Anyway, I have 2 more months to prove myself in the outer sect assessment. Until then, I will focus on increasing my sensitivity towards the fire elements in nature,' Henrick was not in a hurry to become an outer sect disciple as he still had another two months before his one year stay in the blazing inferno sect to be completed.

Every working disciple in the Blazing inferno sect would be given one year time for them to sense the fire elements in nature and become an outer sect disciple; however, in case they failed to sense the fire elements in nature within that one year, they would be kicked out of the sect and never allow them into the sect.

Nevertheless, Henrick's previous worry of not being able to sense the fire elements in nature from the past nine months had completely disappeared and his face always had a smile on it.

'System, the reason for my sudden sensing of the fire element is because of you, right?' Henrick asked as he continued to sense the fire elements in nature.


It is half right and the other half is because of you. You changed into a different person when you were knocked down by the purpleback wolf.

To his question, what Henrick got was an unusual reply from the system.

'What? Me?' Henrick didn't understand its words and thought that the system was acting modestly.

He didn't bother with that topic again as he thought, 'As long as I can sense the fire elements, it's fine.'

Soon, nearly 2 hours passed by,

For the past two hours, Henrick and other working disciples were seriously meditated and continued to do it.

Henrick stopped meditating and silently stood up from the ground and left from there without making any noise.

'Phew...I escaped before anyone stopped meditation,'

This was not his first time attending the event. So, he already knew that this event would last for exactly 2 hours before the rich fire elements in their surroundings disappear.

Since he doesn't want others to see him in his present shape with half-torn and bloodied clothes. So, before the fire elements in the surrounding even disappeared he left front there and entered his dormitory.

'First, I will take a bath before I go to Elder Eagor,'

The first thing he did after entering the dormitory was to take a bath.

Since all the working disciples were busy meditating near the mountain, he was able to finish it sooner and changed into a fresh set of robes before moving towards the dining hall to meet up with Elder Eagor.


The daily missions are updated. Please check it, Master.

Just as he was moving towards the dining hall, he got a system notification that made him excited.

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