6 First step towards the path of cultivation

"System, earlier you said I cleared the trial by killing the purpleback dark wolf. Didn't you? So, where is my exit pass to leave this cursed building?" Henrick searched for a door to exit the building as he suddenly remembered something important to do.

Earlier, amidst his many questions, he asked the system about the purpleback dark wolf. To which, the system replied as


The owner had killed the purpleback dark wolf and successfully cleared the initial trial.


The owner can now leave the trial building.

When he received these notifications from the system, Henrick had many questions to ask and at the same time, he was curious about the room.

So, he only remembered that he could leave this cursed old building and he started exploring the room.

However, when he suddenly heard the familiar bell sound he became anxious and hurriedly asked the system about his exit pass.


The owner is successfully recognized as the potential challenger by the trial building. From now on the owner just needs to think about entering and exiting the trial building.

Note:- To enter the trial building, the owner needs to be within a 100 meters radius of the trial building.


Henrick became excited as this was his true fortuitous encounter that would change his life forever and immediately thought, 'Exit'

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As soon as thought that word, he disappeared from the room and appeared in front of the cursed old building, where he usually did his sweeping.

'Wow! What a convenient way to enter and exit the cursed building,' Henrick muttered and looked at his surroundings.

The morning sun rays directly fell on to him along with the morning breeze that made him refreshed.

After enjoying the morning weather for a few seconds, he started rushing towards the bell sound which was still ringing continuously.

'My body feels so light and my speed is faster than before,' While he was running, Henrick felt some changes in his body that made him run faster than before.

'Is it related to the initial trial?' Henrick quickly related it to the initial trial where he killed the purpleback dark wolf.

'By the way, system, how did I kill the purpleback wolf?' Henrick still didn't know how he was able to kill a rank 1 mutated beast.

All he could remember was he became unconscious after being slammed by the wolf into the weapon rack.


The owner used the black spear to kill the purpleback wolf.

The system instantly replied to Henrick which made him confused.

'Huh? Did I use a spear? I don't even know how to use the spear?'

Another set of puzzling questions entered into Henrick's head with the system reply.

From his childhood, his mother stopped him from learning any time of weapons and said that only when he became a cultivator he should learn all types of technique. Until then he had to wait patiently.

So, when the system said that he had used a spear to kill the purpleback wolf, he felt confused.

'I think this system is playing with me. There is not a drop of purple-blood or not even a little fur in the room. Maybe the system saved me and acted ignorantly,' Henrick concluded as the system played with him.

However, when he thought about the system saving him from the purpleback wolf he felt grateful to it.



The system became speechless at his words and sent an empty notification.

'Stop playing with me, system. Let's play some other time,' Henrick shook his head and increased his speed and reached the vast group where many working disciples stood in an orderly manner and looked towards the top of the mountain.

After hearing Henrick's words, the system didn't send any reply.

Soon, Henrick silently stood in the last row and glanced at the top of the mountain.

No one noticed Henrick as everyone was busy looking at the top of the mountain.

'Oh shit...I forgot about my clothes,'

While looking at the mountain, Henrick noticed that his robes were torn and covered in blood.

'Never mind, this is more important than changing clothes. I can't miss this chance now,' Henrick stopped bothering about his bloodied clothes and focused at the top of the mountain.

Soon, the bell ringing sound came to an end and at the same time, some huge words started to appear in the sky just above the top of the mountain.

'Start sensing the elements in nature'

These were the words formed in the sky.

Seeing the words, every working disciple around Henrick hurriedly sat down and started meditating.

Henrick also didn't waste any time before sitting cross-legged and started sensing the fire elements in nature.

'Before the rich fire elements in nature are completely absorbed by the inner and outer sect disciples, I should at least sense the fire elements in nature,' Henrick prayed that he should become successful this time.

In Blazing Inferno sect, every month the inner sect elders activate a 'Fire elements dispersing array' for their inner and outer sect's disciples.

As for the working disciples they were not allowed to enter the mountain, but they would be given a chance to increase their sensitivity towards the fire elements.

Nevertheless, the working disciples were more than happy that they were at least given a chance to sense the fire elements from close to the mountain.

Until now, Henrick had attended this event nine times but his luck was not good as his sensitivity towards the fire elements didn't increase even a bit.


It was not even a minute before he started sensing the fire elements, but he felt a slight warm sensation all over his body.


Congratulations to the owner for successfully starting his first step into the cultivation path.

Along with the warm feeling, he also got a system notification that congratulated him for sensing the fire elements.


Henrick was unable to control his shock when he saw the holographic screen in front of him and blurted out loud.

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