10 Fire-element sensing fruits


Reminder:- Master still has 2 daily tasks to complete.

Remaining time:- 6 hours left

Just as he was about to reach his dormitory, he received a reminder from the system that made him halt his steps, and without wasting any time, he turned back and started to jog.

'Since the system is mentioned as simple exercises in the daily tasks, jogging will also be considered into it, right?' Henrick muttered as he ran towards a vast ground in front of the twin fire mountain.


As long as the blood in the master's body is raised, it can be considered as an exercise but I suggest the master do some more exercises along with the running.

Even though he was not meaning to ask, the system was polite to him and answered every question he casually thought.

'Good,' Henrick nodded his head and continued, 'I know some exercises, I will try them after I run for an hour.'

With that Henrick ran for an hour and in the second hour, he did some of the common exercises.


Simple exercising is completed.

By the time he got a notification from the system, he was completely covered in sweat.

"Shit, I need to hurry up to the dining hall," Suddenly, Henrick noticed that the time was way past dinner time and hurried towards the dining hall.

"Stop their brat," Just as he was about to enter the dining hall, which was devoid of any working disciple, he heard the familiar old voice and turned back to the old man while rubbing the back of his head.

"What are you doing until now? Didn't your sweeping task usually finish early?" Elder Eagor asked with a serious tone.

"Yes, Elder. But I wanted to train and when I started training two hours ago, I felt very good and didn't notice the flow of time," Henrick said half-truth and half-lie to the Elder.

"Although it is good to train your body, you need to manage your time properly. If I saw you come late to the dining hall, I will not allow you to eat anything for a week, Hmph," Elder Eagor warned him before walked past Henrick and entered the dining hall.

"Brat, go back to your dormitory and shower. I will keep your food aside before you come here again. Now go," Elder Eagor didn't allow him into the dining hall as Henrick was completely covered in sweat.

"Thanks, Elder,"

Henrick thanked the Elder, before rushing back to shower and came back to the dining hall with a fresh look on his face.

They didn't talk much before Henrick returned back to his dormitory.

In this dormitory, there were 10 working disciples just like him; however, he was not much closer with them as he was busy with his own things every day, and whereas they were busy with their own things.

Even now, everyone was busy meditating. So, he didn't disturb them and sat on his bed and started meditating.

'Wow...I never felt this good before while meditating,' Henrick thought in his head and while enjoying the feeling he immersed in the meditation.

As he was meditating, very small red-colored light particles that were barely visible to normal human's eyes were floating around him.

From time to time, they touched Henrick's skin before disappearing. The same process continued for the next two hours before Henrick finally got the system notification.


Congratulations to the master for successfully completing the first daily tasks.

With the two system notifications, Henrick finally opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, they gave a red-colored glint in them.

'Daily mission status,'

The first thing he did was to think about the mission status.


Daily missions.

Meditate (2 / 2 hours), Completed.

Simple exercises (2 / 2 hours), Completed.

Sweep the floor in front of the trial building, Completed.


Rewards:- Fire-element sensing fruit x 3

Along with the mission status, the rewards notifications also arrived at the same time.

'Good. But the system, where are the fruits?' Henrick didn't know where the fruits he received from the system were.


The system's inventory is still locked, so the rewards will directly appear in the master's hands in a minute after the rewards are issued.


Henrick nodded his head and thought about the fire-element sensing fruits and became excited.

Fire-element sensing fruits as the name suggests, when consumed by someone, would help in sensing the fire elements.


Soon, one minute passed by, and as expected three small red-colored fruits appeared in Henrick's hands just like some kind of magic.


Just seeing the three fruits in his hands made him swallow his saliva and without wasting any time he consumed one of the fire-element sensing fruit.


When he took a bite of the fruit, the expression on his face changed all of a sudden.

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'System, why is it sour?' The reason for that expression was because the fire-element sensing fruit was very sour that he barely stopped from vomiting.

So, he asked the system as he knew that a normal fire-element sensing fruit was sweet and tasty.


This is the lowest grade fire-element sensing fruit. So, of course, it is sour.


When he saw the system's reply he didn't know whether he should cry or laugh.

The fruit would help him in increasing the sensitivity towards the fire elements but it was very hard for him to eat even one of the fruits and not to mention, he had two more of these sour fruits in his hand.

'System, will I get the same rewards for daily missions?' Henrick kept the two fruits aside and asked the system about the rewards.


The rewards from the daily missions will be a very low-level one, so the system is unable to give a definite answer. But there are more chances that the master will get different rewards every day for his daily missions' accomplishment.

'Sigh...at least I am getting these low-level cultivation resources. I should be satisfied with them,' Finally, Henrick compared himself with other working disciples and felt satisfied and went to sleep leaving the two fruits in a bag.


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