15 Entering the Twin fire mountain

The next day early morning, Henrick woke up by a sudden notification from the system.

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There will be no daily missions for today but don't worry, the rewards will be given as usual at the end of the day.


Henrick looked in a good mood today as his childhood dream was finally going to be fulfilled today. Moreover, he didn't care about the daily missions and its rewards as it would only give him three sour fruits anyway.

He hurriedly went to fresh up and attend the assessment before eating something.


At the entrance of the base of the Twin fire mountain,

Twin fire mountain was protected by a barrier and there was only one gate at the base of the mountain. To enter into the mountain, one could only enter through that gate.

At the moment, the gate was closed and in front of the gate, there were more than 30 working disciples waiting for the gate to be opened.

"Henrick, you seem so excited today. Are you attending the assessment?" A young man, who looked around 18 years old, came towards him and asked with a small smile on his face.

"Yes, Nick," Looking at the young man, Henrick nodded his head and replied with a smile.

Henrick only knew the names of a few working disciples and Nick was one of them.

Nick had a handsome face with red-coloured hair. He was around 1.6 meters in height just like Henrick.

They met a few times when reporting their task accomplishment in the task-management building.

"Well then, all the best of us. Even though we can become the outer sect disciples, getting a higher ranking in the assessment is important. I hope we can get some good ranking," Nick blabbered non-stop, making Henrick bitterly smile.

'How can he talk so much without taking a break? Inside his heart, Henrick thought as he prayed, 'Please open the gate soon.'

Every time they met Nick blabber something without giving a rest. So, Henrick tried his best to escape from him all the time.

Just like them, all the other working disciples continued to converse with each other and waited for the gate to be opened.


After a few minutes of enduring Nick's blabbering, the old gate finally opened with a creaked sound.

'Phew' Henrick finally heaved a sigh of relief and became excited before saying, "Nick, the gate is opened, let's go."

"Right! Let's go," Nick also became excited and hurriedly entered into the mountain along with Henrick.

'I hope the little one will be fine along with the Elder,' While passing through the gate, he thought of the baby fire monkey, which he left with the Elder Eagor until he finished his assessment.


As soon as he entered the mountain, Henrick heard the excited exclamations of other fellow working disciples.


When he looked at the scenery in front of his eyes, he also couldn't help but exclaim out loud.

In front of him, there was a long slant path with white marble and at the end of the path, there was a huge mansion.

Either side of the slant path had many coloured flower plants. Behind those plants, it was entirely covered with many trees of various sizes just like any other mountains.

"Everyone, follow me,"

As Henrick and other working disciples were enjoying their first time inside the twin fire mountain, they heard a low but loud voice out of nowhere.

They looked in the direction from where the voice had come from and were shocked to see a young man with orange coloured robes with a white border in front of them.

'Huh? When he came?'

'Where did he come from?'

'From the colour of the robes, he looks like an outer sect disciple,'

Everyone was shocked by the sudden appearance of the young man; however, they didn't voice out any of their questions and silently followed the young man.

"Do you remember the rules?" While walking in the white-marbled slant path, the young man, who was assumed to be an outer sect disciple by the working disciples asked them in a low voice.

"Yes, senior brother," All of the working disciples hurriledly nodded their head while addressing the young man as 'Senior brother'.

"Good, but let me say the most important rule for this assessment," the young man nodded his head and continued, "If by any chance, you are unable to sense the fire elements when we assess you, you will be killed."

"Yes, yes"

When they heard his words, the working disciples hurriedly swiped the sweat from their foreheads and nodded their head as they already knew about that rule.

In the past, few working disciples entered into the mountain and fooled the sect by saying that they could sense the fire elements just because they were curious about the insides of the mountain.

The outer sect didn't hesitate even a tiny bit before killing those working disciples, who tried to fool the sect and added an additional rule of the death penalty for entering the mountain without sensing the fire elements.

From then onwards, all the working disciples made sure more than a couple of times where they could sense the fire elements or not before entering the twin fire mountain.

Soon, they came to an open area which was devoid of any trees and there it looked more like an exercising ground to all the working disciples.

"Everyone, go and stand there, the assessment will start soon," The young man, who guided them from the start pointed his finger into the open ground and asked them to stand there.

"Yes, senior brother,"

All of them didn't dare to slack and hurriedly went into the ground.


As soon as they stepped into the open ground, they didn't enter into the place that they had looked from a moment ago; instead, it was a completely different place that radiated a scorching heat and made them sweat a lot.

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