16 Enchanted Fire ground

'What is this place?'

All working disciples were shocked by the sudden change of the environment around them.

"Everyone, welcome to the Enchanted fire ground and your assessment begins now,"

Amidst their shocked expressions, they heard the voice of a middle-aged man with a heavy build from the sky.

He wore a bright red coloured robe with a golden border and just looking at him made them feel heavy

Beside him, there were many 11 other cultivators with plain bright red coloured robes except for a young man, who had a white border.

"What assessment?"

"What should we do?"

Henrick and others were confused at the words of that middle-aged man as they still didn't understand what they had to do for the assessment.

"No need to worry, you just need to stand straight until I finish speaking, then you can be given a ranking according to it," The middle-aged man smiled as he looked at the 30 working disciples in the enchanted fire ground.

An enchanted fire ground was a ground where many number of fire elements were forcefully suppressed into it by some of the secret techniques of the sect.

Although it was only a temporary one, it was good to test the fire affinity of an individual.

"Since the assessment has started I will begin my speech then," the middle-aged man took a spiritual fruit out of nowhere.

While eating it, he continued, "I am the sect leader of the outer sect and the cultivator beside me are the 10 elders, who help me manage the outer sects and as for this seeming young but an old man is a grand elder."


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As soon as he started introducing himself, two working disciples could not endure the pressure from the ground and became unconscious; however, the sect leader Gamos didn't stop his explanation.

By the time, he stopped talking, more than half of the working disciples became unconscious and were taken out of the enchanted fire ground.

'Damn it, why did he care about the outer sect disciple assessment all of a sudden?'

'Because of him, I have to pause my cultivation and come here,'

'Aren't we all came here while pausing our cultivation?'

While the sect leader Gamos was assessing the working disciples, all the elders whispered to themselves while looking at the sect leader Gamos.

Whenever the assessment for the working disciples happened, no elder bothered to attend it as it was always hosted by the grand elder's personal disciple.

However, now the sect master said, he would host the assessment for the working disciples which shocked them and at the same time, since it was hosted by the sect leader, how could they not attend it?

So, without a choice, they followed the sect leader; however, who would have thought that the sect leader would use the enchanted fire ground to assess the working disciples.

'What a waste of the sect's resources. If it is used on any of the top outer sect disciples, they would have increased their cultivation and their chances of entering the inner sect would have also increased along with it,'

'Even Fromir, also looking irritated by the new method of assessment by the sect leader,'

Since they had nothing to do, the elders continued to whisper to each other while looking at the grand elder, Fromir.

"This is a special assessment for you, working disciples and whoever manages to last longer and remain conscious, they would get a good prize. So, push your limits," As the ten elders were whispering to each other, the sect leader had continued his speech.

'A good prize? I need to get that prize,'

'I will get it...I need to endure it,'

When they had heard the sect leader's words, the fire in Henrick and other working disciples intensified and endured the pressure from the ground and from the sky (From sect leader).

However, still many working disciples were unable to endure for much longer before falling unconsciously onto the ground.

Just like the earlier, they were taken out by a mysterious force.

"Good good good,"

Finally, after another few moments, only two working disciples were remaining on the ground.

Seeing them, the sect leader nodded his head in satisfaction and said 'Good' three times.

The two working disciples were none other than Henrick and Nick. They were completely covered in sweat and they forcefully kept open their eyes as though they feared if they closed their eyes even for a second, they would collapse onto the ground.

"The assessment is going to end in 3...2...1….Break,"

The sect leader snapped his fingers and the burning fire ground disappeared and a normal ground appeared.


'Phew...finally the assessment is over,' with a thud, both Henrick and Nick collapsed onto the ground and heaved a sigh of relief while thinking about the assessment.

"Everyone, swallow these vitality pills and rest for a few minutes," The sect leader threw 30 green coloured shining pills towards all the working disciples who were relaxing on the ground and asked them to consume those pills.

'When did he become that generous to casually throw a rank 3 vitality pills to those lowly working disciples?' Fromir, the grand elder's became doubtful with every action of the sect leader and thought inside his head.

'Looks like he is planning on something. I need to be careful from now on and I should not let him know that I was behind that ambush,' Fromir warned himself to be careful with his own actions and looked at Henrick and Nick.

'These two kids have some good affinity with the fire elements. Should I take them as my personal disciples?' At the same time, he also thought about taking Henrick and Nick as his personal disciples.

'I will wait until the assessment is over,' Soon, his thoughts came to an end.


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