13 Change in plans

# Extra chapter(3) for 100 power stones

According to his plan, he only wanted to attend the outer sect disciple assessment when his sensitivity towards the fire elements was at 100 percent.

However, now Elder Eagor was suggesting him to attend the assessment which was in a few days and became shocked.

Nevertheless, he controlled his shock and slowly asked the Elder, "But, why?"

"Of course there is a reason. If you can become an outer sect disciple, who will get your own low-level cultivation abode at the bottom of the Twin fire mountain," Elder Eagor revealed a small smile on his old face and continued, "Since you can already sense the fire elements in nature, you can attend the assessment to become an outer sect disciple."


When he heard Elder Eagor's explanation, he felt it was a good choice to attend the assessment.

'Since I can get my own cultivation abode, I can finally peacefully live there,' After living for 10 months in a 10 member dormitory, he was tempted by the cultivation abode.

Cultivation abode was a cave that could be used by the cultivator to cultivate. They were usually constructed in a place where there was a vein. So, they could provide the elements from the vein present below that land.

They were classified into various levels like low, mid, high and superior level cultivation abodes.

With low-level being the lowest and there were many of these cultivation abodes at the bottom of the Twin fire mountain and superior level cultivation abode was the highest level which was only one in the entire mountain, where the fire elements were richest in nature.

"Thanks for the suggestion, Elder Eagor. Now, I know what to do," Henrick thanked Elder Eagor before returning back to his dormitory.

'I hope you don't waste time and start cultivating immediately,' Elder Eagor muttered to himself after Henrick had left the dining hall.



'System, where are the rewards from my daily mission?' Henrick finally settled in his bed along with the baby fire money and asked the system about his rewards from the daily mission.


Low-level fire element sensing fruit x 3

As soon as he asked about the rewards, the system sent a notification that made Henrick shocked.

Before he could even come out of his shock, the three small red coloured fruits appeared in his hand.

'Eek eek'

The baby fire monkey became excited and hurriedly grabbed two fruits and munched on them.

"Sigh...at least you are enjoying them," Henrick consoled himself while looking at the baby fire monkey and looked at the single fruit that was in his hands.

'Why did you leave this one in my hands?' Henrick jokingly asked it in a low voice in order not to disturb his roommates.


To his question, the baby fire monkey pointed its finger towards him as though it was asking him to enjoy that fruit for himself.

After saying that, it immediately slept from the angry gaze of Henrick.

'It seems more clever than I thought,' Even though he looked angry, he was not a tiny bit angry with the fire monkey as he was not interested in eating these fruits anyway.


Master, what are your plans for the assessment?

All of sudden his cultivation system asked him about his plans.

'I am waiting for you to ask about it and finally, you asked,' Henrick smiled at little and started explaining his plan, 'I will increase my sensitivity of the fire elements as much high as possible before the assessment; however don't worry, I will only start cultivating when my sensitivity is increased to 100 percent.'


Good. But be careful not to bring too much attention from others.

In a cultivation world, there was no good nor bad. As long as one had sufficient strength they could do anything they want. So, if they noticed that Henrick had some secret, they didn't think much before torturing him to know about it and after learning that, they would kill him.

So, the system warned him to keep a low-profile after entering the outer sect.

'Sure,' Henrick knew what the system was implying to. So, he nodded his head and asked, 'Now, increase my fire element sensitivity from the first original mission reward.'

Finally, Henrick wanted to use the rewards after planning for his future and sat cross-legged.

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There might be a slight pain when the system increases the sensitivity for a particular element. So, please bear with it, Master.

Before the system started the process, it gave a warning notification and asked him to endure the slight pain.

Henrick nodded his head as he knew good things don't come without any pain and was ready to endure the pain.

As soon as he nodded his head, the system started the process of increasing the sensitivity towards the fire elements.


A low gasped sound released from his mouth due to the sudden pain which was like many needles picking dantain.

Only the initial pain which was sudden made him gasp and the later pain was more like a pricking sensation to him and waited for that sensation to be over soon.

It took exactly thirty minutes for the process to be completed and Henrick received a system notification.


Increased sensitivity towards the fire elements by 30 percent.


Element Affinity:- Fire elements (52 percent).

Finally, when he saw the element affinity in the holographic screen, Henrick felt that he could reach the 100 percent element sensitivity within a month if everything goes according to his plan.

After that, Henrick looked at the last fire element sensing fruit beside him and with much difficulty, he ate it because it was a good item for him to increase the fire element sensitivity.


However, he didn't get any system notification about the increment in his sensitivity.

'Sigh.. I will force myself to eat one fruit daily if I get three fruits from the daily missions in the future,'

Henrick sighed to himself before going back to sleep.

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