11 Baby Fire Monkey

# Extra chapter(1) for 100 power stones

Next day morning,

'Uff uff uff...'

Henrick woke up two hours earlier than his usual timing and didn't stop exercising until he got the system notification informing him about the completion of the daily mission.


Simply exercising (2 / 2 hours), completed.

Since he didn't have enough time to complete the exercising task in the evening, he shifted it to morning and woke up early to complete.

Soon, he showered and went to eat at the dining hall as usual while having a little to no talk with others.

'I will take those two fire element sensing fruits with me rather than keeping them in the dormitory,' After finishing his breakfast, he went to the dormitory to pick his fruits and then proceeded to his work.

There were many incidents of working disciples losing their things in the dormitory. So, he didn't want to take a risk of losing the fruits and in the worst case, he might be targeted if someone knew about the fruits.

Henrick wanted nothing but cultivate peacefully without any fights with others.

However, he was still too young to know about cultivation and the hurdles he had to face to become an immortal cultivator.


In front of the cursed old building,

'Sweep' 'Sweep'


As usual, he got back to his boring task of sweeping while whistling.

'Eek eek'

Suddenly, he heard some noises from a nearby tree and he turned to look in that direction.

A small red-eyed monkey looked at him and continued to shout with those noises.

'A baby fire monkey?' Henrick instantly recognized it as it was another common beast that was raised in the beast mountain.

"Did it come down from the beast mountain? What are the guardians doing there?" Henrick muttered in a low voice.

'Whatever, I will clean the task sooner and go back to the dormitory,' After he got 'My Cultivation System' he didn't feel exhausted even after sweeping for long hours, so he wanted to increase the speed and complete the task as soon as possible.

'Eek eek'

The same monkey noises continuously came from the tree that made Henrick irritated and finally could not bear it anymore with those noises.


New mission:- Tame the baby fire monkey

Reward:- Increment in the 30 percent sensitivity of the fire-element.

Just as he was about to scare the baby fire monkey, Henrick got his first official mission from the system.

'Taming mission?' Henrick looked at the baby fire monkey, which was continuously shouting at him for a while now.

''Wait a second! Why is it shouting at me continuously? Henrick, all of a sudden noticed something and hurriedly took out a fire-element sensing fruit from his robes.


When the baby fire monkey saw the fruit in Henrick's hands, he immediately understood the reason for the continuous noises from the baby fire monkey.

'So, this little thing wants this fruit?' Henrick's thoughts flashed at lightning speed and finally smiled before thinking, 'Looks like, my first mission will be completed very easily.'

With that thought in his mind, he moved towards the tree, which is not very big nor very small.

"Come here, little one," Henrick tempted the baby fire monkey with the fruit in his hand.

Although the baby fire monkey wanted to come down from the tree and take that fruit from his hands, it still had some fear of going near Henrick.

'Oh...this little one obviously wanted the fruit from the beginning and why is it, still not coming down to take it?' Henrick became confused at his actions.

Nevertheless, he continued to move towards the tree and finally reached the tree.

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'Eek eek'

The baby fire monkey's fear finally dominated by its hunger and smell of the fruit that was drafted into its nose made it finally come down the tree.

"Good boy...take it," Henrick was not in any hurry and didn't make any attempts to touch it.

He allowed it to take the fruit and go back to the tree before it started eating it.

Soon, it completed eating the fruit in a few bites.

'Eek eek'

After eating it, the baby fire monkey excitedly shouted at Henrick as though it was thanking him for giving that fruit.

"Haha...you seem like a clever one," Henrick laughed at its actions before taking out another fire-element sensing fruit from his robe and said, "If you follow me, I will give these fruits daily."


The baby fire monkey confusedly looked at him as though it was wondering what he was saying.

'I guess, you are not that clever,' Henrick shook his head as he was expecting a little beast to understand his words.

Nevertheless, the baby fire monkey came down from the tree and took the fruit from his hands.

This time, the little monkey didn't go back; instead, it gobbled the fruit as though it had never eaten anything tastier than that.


Congratulations to the master for successfully taming the baby fire monkey.


Do you want to use the reward now? Or store it for later use?

All of a sudden. Henrick got two system notifications that made him shocked, surprised and puzzled.

'How did this happen?' Henrick still didn't understand how he had tamed the baby fire monkey as he did nothing except for giving two fire-element sensing fruits which were sour and not tasty.

'Eek eek'

As soon as the baby monkey finished eating that fruit, it immediately climbed onto him and settled on his shoulder.

Since it was small, it had no problem sitting on Henrick's shoulder while holding onto his head.

'System, I will use the reward while meditating,' He replied to the system asking to stop the reward for now.

'How can I forgot that beasts are not allowed into the dormitories...sigh,'

Suddenly, he remembered a rule and sighed as he didn't know where to hide it.

'I think, I can only do that,' nevertheless, he thought about something before the lunch time had arrived.

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