12 22 percent of affinity

# Extra chapter(2) for 100 power stones

Henrick didn't have any problem with its food as he could easily ask Elder Eagor to give some fruits for it.

'Since I have to ask for its food from Elder Eagor, he could also arrange shelter for it too,'

However, keeping the baby fire monkey in the dormitory would be his biggest problem. So, he thought he would just ask Elder Eagor about it together with its food.

Soon, he went to meet Elder Eagor, who was busy with some of the sect matters and didn't meet him.

'Sigh...I have to wait and until evening then,' Henrick sighed and went to eat his lunch along with the baby fire monkey on his head.

"Hey, look that Henrick has brought a fire monkey to the dining hall,"

"Looks like he tamed it,"

"So what if he tamed it, where can he keep it? Bringing beasts into dormitories is not allowed,"

"A baby fire monkey is nothing but a trash, Why are you people getting excited looking at it,"

"Right! It is the most common beast and even a matured fire monkey could only reach rank 3 in its life,"


Every working disciple mocked Henrick as fire monkeys could not cross rank 2 in its whole life. So, according to them, taming a fire monkey was not an achievement.

'Bunch of fools, they must be envying me for taming such a cute baby fire monkey,' Henrick didn't bother about their mockings and finished his eating before going back to work.

"Little one, go and sleep on that tree," Henrick asked the baby fire monkey to rest while he continued sweeping.

It followed his advice and went to rest.

Nothing unusual happened from afternoon to the evening except for completing his work a few hours earlier.

'Phew...I completed sweeping three hours earlier than usual,' Henrick felt that his body had developed more endurance from yesterday.

'Since I have three more hours to waste, I will meditate,' He looked at the baby fire monkey, which was sleeping peacefully on a branch of the tree and sat under that tree to meditate.


Meditation (2 / 2 hours), completed.


Sensitivity towards the fire element is increased by 2 percent.

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Soon, two hours completed as he got the system notification that woke him up from his meditation.

'Huh? What's with the percent? The reward for the earlier mission also had something similar to it, what is it actually?' Henrick was puzzled with the second system notification and thought about it.


The sensitivity towards an element is measured in percentage. The higher the percentage of the sensitivity, the more control they can gain on those elements when they officially start the cultivation.

Just like always, with a simple thought, the system projected the answer for his confusion and clarified it.

'Oh. So that is the reason why you stopped me from attending the outer sect disciple assessment?' Henrick finally understood some of the basics of the cultivation.




After knowing about the percent of sensitivity, he was very eager to know about his current sensitivity with the fire elements and checked his status page.


My Cultivation System

Owner:- Henrick Silverwind

Race:- Human/??

Age:- 16 years

Cultivation:- Not started

Element Affinity:- Fire elements (22 percent)

Tamed beast:- Baby fire monkey (Rank 0)

Soon, the familiar status page appeared in front of him.

'Huh? Only 22 percent?' Henrick directly looked at the element affinity section and was disappointed with the 22 percent of element sensitivity.


Don't be disappointed, Master. With each meditation session, you can increase the sensitivity a little just like today.

'Right,' Henrick calmed down after hearing that and thought, 'So, if I meditate for two months, I can increase the sensitivity to 100 percent.'

'There is also a 30 percent increment in the sensitivity reward which I have yet to use. Hopefully, I can reach 100 percent within a month,' Henrick remembered the reward and was excited to use it; however, he suppressed his excitement and decided to use it in his dormitory.

Other than that, there was also another line added to his status page that contained the information about his tamed beasts.

'It's still a baby, so of course, it will be a rank 0 beast,' Henrick was not surprised at the ranking of the baby fire monkey and proceeded to the dining hall.

'I hope Elder Eagor can help me with its food and residence,' Along the way, he hoped the Elder Eagor would be free from his works.

His luck was good and he met Elder Eagor after his dinner and briefly explained about the baby fire monkey.

"So, you want it to live with you?" After hearing Henrick's request, Elder Eagor raised his brows and looked at both Henrick and the baby fire monkey.

"Yes, Elder. If you talk with the dormitory's chief, he will definitely give permission for me to keep it with me," Henrick said in a pitiful voice that made Elder Eagor sigh.

"I can talk with him about it and I can only ask permission for 5 days," Seeing the pitiful look on Henrick's face Elder Eagor thought for a moment and replied to Henrick.

"Only 5 days and after that?" Henrick was excited when he heard the first sentence of the Elder; however, with the second sentence, all his excitement disappeared without a trace.

"You will attend the outer sect disciple assessment and become the outer sect disciple," Elder Eagor stood up from his seat and stretched his old body.

"What? Becoming the outer sect disciple?" Henrick was shocked by the Elder's words and hurriedly stood up from his seat with a shocked expression on his face.

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