5 'My Cultivation System'

'So, the thing in my head is a system?' While gasping for breath, he slowly muttered to himself as he finally gained some knowledge about the mysterious thing in his head.


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Correcting the owner, it is 'My cultivation system'.

To his muttering, the system sent a notification to correct him.

"Oh..okay," Henrick nodded his head as it doesn't matter to him what it was called anyway.

After something from the Scroll had entered into his head, Henrick understood many new terms that were previously foreign to him; however, now he not only knew about them but he also knew how to use some functions of the system.


Henrick muttered in his head as though he knew what was the use of that word.


My Cultivation System

Owner:- Henrick Silverwind

Race:- Human/??

Age:- 16 years

Cultivation:- Not started

Element Affinity:- Not worth mentioning



As soon as he said that word, the blue holographic screen appeared in front of him; however, he was not surprised by it as he already knew about it and carefully glanced at the screen.

By now, he had lost his fear towards this old cursed building and felt that this was his fortuitous encounter that could change his life.

'Hmm...my full name is right but why does the race section have a question mark?' While looking at the holographic screen, Henrick was puzzled at it.

Even though his name was correct, the question marks in the race section made Henrick doubt the system.

'Aside from it everything that is mentioned in the holographic screen is right,' Henrick checked the remaining information on the holographic screen and finally asked his system, "System, can you say about it?"


After checking the owner's blood, the system classified the owner as a Half-human.

To his question, the system replied instantly without any delay.

"What? I am not a pure human? What does that mean?" Henrick was shocked at the system's reply and his mind became blank.

Even though he asked that he already knew the answer to it.

It means that his father was not a human.

Since System knew that Henrick already know the answer to his question, it didn't give any reply.

'If not a human then what race does he belong to?' Henrick suppressed his shock and anxiousness before asking the system about it.


'My Cultivation System' was only awakened a few hours ago. So, I don't have the ability to thoroughly check the owner's blood.

His system was also unable to answer his question and left him in the dark about his father's race.

'By the way, system, why are there no functions that were supposed to help me cultivate yet?' In the scroll, it was mentioned that 'My Cultivation System' would help him become a powerful immortal cultivator through various methods.

However, he could not see any of those methods. So, he asked the system about it


The owner should unlock them one by one on his own.

At the moment, the owner can only use the missions assigned by the system that was only given to help the owner to cultivate and become an immortal.

"Oh" Henrick nodded his head and asked the system, "How do I unlock them?"


The owner can unlock them by cultivating and according to the requirements they will be unlocked.

Note:- Don't ask for the requirements.

"Fine, I will not ask," Henrick gave his reply to the system for its note in the system notification.

'Since I came here, let me check this building,' After a round of questions and answers, Henrick's eyes fell on some things around him. So, he wanted to check them as he was always curious about this cursed building.

Every day, he would sweep in front of this old cursed building and every time he saw it, he thought about what was inside it and why it was sealed by the sect.

Now, he was inside the famous cursed building that was feared by everyone in the Blazing inferno sect. So, why would he miss the chance to survey one of the rooms in the cursed building?

'Even though it looked very old from the outside, it is as new as a newly built building,' Henrick was mesmerized by the cleanroom.

Inside the room, there were weapons that were covered in his blood and furniture that was made up of some high-quality spirit wood.

The entire room was brightly lit by some light orbs that gave light to every corner of the room.

Other than that, there were many things that were seen in the main hall of a sect master's building.

"Why would they abandon this building when it is this good?" Henrick felt it was a pity to abandon this building.

"Should I check some other rooms? If my luck is good, I might find some cultivating resources," Henrick looked at the doors all around him and thought about checking them out.

With that thought in his mind, he moved towards a door that was close to him and tried to open it.


When Henrick tried to open it, the doors didn't even budge a little, which made him a little disappointed.


The owner is still not powerful enough to enter this room.

While he was using his full force to open the door, the system sent him a notification that made him stop his actions.

"So, I can't enter any of the rooms?"

Henrick looked at other doors and asked the system.


Yes, the owner is still not powerful enough to enter any of them.

Henrick didn't feel anything as he knew what the system had said was absolutely true.


Just as he was looking at his surroundings, Henrick heard a continuous ringing of a bell sound.

'Oh no'

As soon as he heard the bell ringing sound, he became anxious and immediately looked at his surroundings as though he was checking for something.


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