1 Part 1: The First Met

" You daughter will working here? Starting tomorrow? " Aldrich Grand blinked his round eyes repeatedly at sudden news told by Mr. Haryln.

" Well, I guess you never meet her before right? That's because she is busy with her student life at SOPA ," Mr. Harlyn story about her beloved daughter while he closed the black file and put the black pen back to place before standing up.

Aldrich shook his head as an answer and his handsome face showed no sign of interest.

" Anyway, she said she would come here and take a look around of this company with her friend today," said the old man before stepping out from the office heading to meeting room, leaving Aldrich alone there.

Well, Aldrich didn't put much thoughts on the beloved daughter of Mr. Haryln and decided to return to his office. However, as he headed there, he kinda noticed that almost all of staff around him were talking about a newbie of the company who he assumed was the same person Mr. Haryln has mentioned earlier.

" Did you see Mr. Haryln's daughter just now? She is so cute" One of the staff said as they walked pass Aldrich.

Hearing those made Aldrich suddenly raised his curiosity and that the same time also made him excited

'Is that she so cute?' Then, he quickly stopped in front of a full-length mirror and scanned himself from head to toe.

" Oh wait, my hair doesn't seem right," His finger through his black hair to make him look better and more tidy.

Meanwhile, not too far from where Aldrich stood. Rose were there with her friend, Jimmy. Both of them seem lost as it was your first time stepping in this gigantic building.

" Jimmy, you better take of your mask and your sunglasses, you're just grabbing everyone attention," Rose whispered after realizing that all the eyes were spotted on both you two.

" How many times do I have to tell you that I have flu and my eyes are swollen because you bothered my sleep time, honey, Plus, I guess they're looking at you though. Not me," He said while shrugged and insisted to take off his mask and sunglasses.

" I'm sorry I'm kept forgetting about that and I'm sorry again about disturbing your sleep for accompany me for looking around this gigantic building, I don't anyone else for keep me accompany , my mum is busy and Liam at Japan right now, further his study," Rose said in lowered voice but still can be heard by Jimin

"It's okay, munchkin," said Jimmy calmly while patting her head made Rose smiled widely.

"By the way, those stares are really freak- " Rose suddenly halted when her round eyes spotted a devilishly handsome young man checking his reflection in front of full-length mirror. Her gaped openly as you observed his sharp jaw, chin and slightly hooked nose that he had from afar. He looked ridiculously perfect! And he had alpha aura which made you attracted to him. Just by the a far made you weak in the knee.

" Is this called love at first sight?," Rose mumbled but loud enough for Jimin to heard that. Then, Jimin followed your gaze and his forehead created a thousand of frowned seeing that person that she stared at.

"Love at first sight my butt! Hey, kid! you don't even know what is it mean!," Jimmy nagged. Sometimes, he is also realized that you did fell for men with pretty face but it's really doesn't worked at all. Jimmy sighed.

At the moment, Jimmy secretly wondered if you maybe did have feeling for him and felt the same way he did. But then, he quickly shook his head to dismiss the ridiculous thoughts. Then, he was a bit flabbergasted when Rose suddenly approaching bravely the man who is still seemed ridiculously interested with his own reflection in the mirror.

Aldrich was still fixing his hair till he saw you're coming to him through the full-length mirror. He turned around and raised his eyebrow at you.

"E-Excuse me, may I know how can we get to the cafe,?" Rose a bit stuttered and tugged your lips into an a sweet smile.

"Is that the cafe even more important than your department?" Jimmy interrupted from behind with stern face.

'Seriously? I'm kinda busy right now but I can't let this cutie newbie goes home before I could meet her?' Aldrich thoughts in guilty. But he couldn't let ignore you and suddenly his playboy aura popped out. He cleared his throat and replied to your question earlier as fast he can.

"From here, turn right and go straight then take staircase down to first floor, walk straight, turn left then you should see a cafe sign there," After that, he turned his back on you and checked his reflection again.

"Oh, okay.. Thanks," replied Rose felt a bit down.

Jimmy noticed how down you are because of this man who is still adore himself in front of mirror then Jimmy immediately grabbed his shoulder to make him turn around. He also hated the insolent tone and snobbish of his voice too.

"Excuse me, were you rapping just now?" Jimmy scoffed. Both of them looked each other just like there is lighting through their gaze meanwhile Rose were standing between them clueless on what to do.

"Did you know, this munchkin will working here starting tomorrow and I got dragged by force with her to be here when I'm supposed to sleep just like Sleeping Beauty on my comfy bed right now. So, kindly show us direction to get the cafe because I want to going home ASAP!" Jimmy slowly put his hand off from Aldrich shoulder while his finger through his hair before adding "and after helping us, you can adore yourself back."

Aldrich felt offended at his last word but he know that he should make scene there for sake his reputation at this company. He ran his finger through his hair and sighed heavily

"Follow me." He walked passed both of them heading to the elevator for short way.

Then, Rose mouthed 'thank you' to Jimin before following Jungkook from behind. Jimin's eyes curved into crescent moon like shaped and behind the mask, hide a shy yet proud smiled created.

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