My Crazy Love! Book

novel - Fantasy

My Crazy Love!


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Lucian, a rich businessman enters the life of a happy married couple, Jonah and Gina and everything becomes complicated. Lucian came for Gina, as they shared history together but Gina claimed of never knowing Lucian. Lucian tries to dismantle Jonah and Gina’s happy marriage but he was challenged by Hannah, Jonah’s sister. Hannah and Lucian came face to face, the former to protect her family and Lucian to harm Hannah’s family but the destiny had some other plans as even despising each other, Lucian and Hannah were forced to come together and marry each other. Why did Hannah and Lucian marry each other? Will this marriage ever work? Why did Lucian claim of knowing Gina when Gina adamantly denied of ever seeing the man in her life?


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