128 Zombie

*Knock knock*

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James rolled on his bed and his eyes slowly fluttered open when the knock came on his room's door.

"Yea?" He asked groggily still lying on his bed.

"Breakfast is served. Mum wants you down." His younger sister, Rachel said from outside the door.

He groaned before sitting up. "Okay. Be down soon." He said to her and heard her walk away.

He looked beside him on his large bed and there was Mira, snoring lightly with her mouth slightly open and her hair messy.

He chuckled and shook her shoulder so she would wake up but she only groaned and turned over to the other side.

"Mira? Wake up sleepy head." He said and continued to shake her.

They had both stayed awake for most of the night seeing different movies and playing video games. He was also feeling really sleepy but he knew he it was compulsory to join the family for breakfast so he stood up and kept shaking her shoulder until she woke up.

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