97 Your Jacket.

Mia remained quiet during the rest of the drive no matter what Leo said. She needed help. But she didn't know why she couldn't accept his. She didn't want to feel indebted to him. It was too much.

How could she just let him pay it all up like that?

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It made her feel small. Too small before him. She imagined Chloe. His sister wasn't only a goddess, she had everything and wasn't sure she would ever depend on someone to help pay up her debt. How would Leo ever look at a girl like her after helping her with it?

"You should at least say something. I want you to be free Mia. I want you to live freely and stop slaving yourself away because of your family. This is not about me pitying you. I would have also done same for someone else and I know if you were in my shoes, you would do same." He tried to convince her as he kept looking between her and the road. 

He sighed when she still didn't say a word. 

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