104 You... want to drink beer?

"Why do you look so down?" Richard asked Leo.

Leo had surprisingly paid him a visit that afternoon so they sat on the balcony and drank as they enjoyed the cool weather. 

"It's probably going to rain tonight." Leo noted as he watched the clouds.

"So? Are you planning to do some naughty things tonight?" Richard asked with a wink.

"By naughty things you mean?" Leo asked as he gulped his beer from the can nonchalantly.

"With the crazy girl in your house."

"Mia is not crazy. Are you out of your mind?" Leo asked frowning at Richard. 

"Oh really? I remember you used to call her Crazy and say a lot of bad things about her. She's suddenly not crazy and you also take her out on dates?" Richard asked with a teasing smile obviously enjoying the whole thing.

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