28 You won't like me when I'm mad

After buying a few drugs from the hospital that evening, she hurried back home when she noticed the cloud was beginning to gather and turn darker.

Unfortunately,  she was still a few blocks away from her place when the rain began to fall heavily. 

She ran with all her might while trying to use her jacket to cover her head. 

And suddenly, she felt the rain stop hitting her head and when she raised her head to see why, she saw an umbrella covering her head.

"Hello lady!" She turned her head to the side and saw a young man holding a large umbrella. He smiled the kind of smile that didn't reach his eyes and Mia thought he was probably just helping her out to be polite and not because he wanted to. 

Mia looked at him for a second time and instantly recognized him. He was her classmate. She did not know his name but he had some really nice features that were hard to forget. He was quite tall, had a long black hair that was always tied in a ponytail, a pretty face, and had a peculiar 'bad boy' kind of look. Surprisingly, he was also dressed in Black from head to toe with a leather jacket and high boot.

"You're Mia right? Mia Lucas." He called her name slowly.

Mia could only nod and said nothing else to him. "I get it. You're a very quiet person. I've noticed. So you live around here or you came to see someone?" 

Mia remained quiet and began to walk faster. She hated talking too much. Especially with people she did not count as friends just like this guy. 

"I can guess you do not know my name even though we've been classmates for years. My name is Jeremy. Jeremy Williams. I live around this neighborhood. I did a double take when I saw you in this outfit. Didn't know you had this side." 

"Thanks for being nice" Mia said to him before she ran away and left him standing there with his umbrella. 

Thankfully, she was already close to her block and it took her only a few steps before she got home.

When she opened the door, she saw Richard inside having a conversation with Leo. 

"Hi house mate!" Richard said with a happy wave and a bright smile. 

Leo noticed she was a bit wet and frowned. 

"Do you really want to kill yourself? If you want to do that, then go live somewhere else" Richard almost jumped in shock since he hadn't expected Leo to suddenly blow up at her.

"I am talking to you" He yelled after her when she ignored him and was heading towards her room. 

"Hey man easy!" Richard touched Leo's arm to remind him to calm down but Leo shrugged it off.

Mia sighed, turned around, and raised the little nylon bag higher for him to see. 

"This is medicine. You don't have to worry about nursing me back tonight. Thanks for worrying." She said with a frown before turning to the room and closed the door with a bang. 

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"What was that? You nursed her back to health last night?" Richard asked with a surprised look.  

Leo slowly inhaled and exhaled as he tried his best to control his temper. 

Ignoring Richard, he went straight to her door and began to pound it with his fist.

"What is it? Can we live a day in this house in peace? Why do you always like to make trouble?" Mia yelled immediately she opened the door. When he saw her face, he thought she was going to burst into tears.

Leo was a bit startled. If there was one lady he found it difficult to understand, it was her. 

One time she was rude, next, she was looking like a hurt puppy.

In a low voice, Leo began to speak, "Let's not argue so much today. I heard from my sister that she found you a nice place to stay. It's the reason I called my friend here..." He turned to point at Richard.

"We'll use his car and help you get your things there. It's the least I can do for you as your short-term Housemate." 

"I already told her I cannot go to Oakland.  No matter what, I have to stay here."

"CAN YOU.... just listen to me?" He raised his voice but reminded himself to keep it down. He didn't want to tell and then she began to cry.

"Look..." She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath before she continued.

"My head aches. My mind is messed up and I am beginning to have a funny feeling in my lower abdomen which I am pretty sure would soon generate to a stomach cramp. I think I am about to see my period and I am a little cranky at this time of the month. So please..." She closed her eyes again and rested on the door. 

"Just let me be. You won't like me when I'm mad." She slowly opened her eyes again to look at him.

"If you understand.... then leave." Before he could say anything else, she shut the door on his face. 

He turned around and Richard could see Leo's flushed cheeks. 

"Did she have to talk about periods and all?" Leo muttered to himself with a frown. 


As Mia lay on the bed, she wondered why she didn't just thank him for last night. The way she behaved most times wasn't how she wished to but it just happened that sometimes, things didn't go the way she planned. It also hurt her that she could not behave like a normal human for once.

Tomorrow, classes was resuming. 

As much as she hated school, she also had to get away from this house and away from him. 

Her phone began to ring with a call from Mira and when she took it, she realised it was a conference call between James, Mira and herself. 

She also wasn't looking forward to talking much tonight. 

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