62 You should stop it.

Leo actually found it amusing that Mia was hiding from him. The moment they both bumped into each other the next morning, she had taken off through the front door without bothering to look at him or say a good morning. 

She was sober now so he was sure she remembered what she had done last night. He couldn't believe she had ruined such intense moment by farting.

"You really should get your shits together. You have been acting so unlike you for the past few days." Jeremy said to her once he sat down beside her. 

He didn't know when they became friends, but it just suddenly happened that way. 

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"I am trying to think."

"About what? Friday night still?" He asked with a raised brow.

She really wished it was only Friday night she had to worry about. Now, she also had to worry about last night. Just see why she hated beers!

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