16 You might end up liking her...

Leo blinked at her in confusion. 

"What do you mean by whether I kissed you? Can't you see I just saved your life?" He asked her angrily. 

He could not believe that was the 'thanks' he was receiving from her after everything.

Mia blinked back at him before turning to look at the people gathered there in a daze.

She realised she must have fainted.

But while her mind was still wandering in the dark, she felt a soft lip on hers, thinking it was Benjamin, only for her to open her eyes to see the 'Jerk' hovering above her.

"Young lady. My Nephew saved your life. He is a doctor. You should thank him." Aunt Deborah said to Mia with a motherly smile. 

Mia looked from the elderly lady to Leo who was still sitting on his butt.

How could life be so unfair? Why did this idiot have to be the first to feel her lips? 

Or rather, why was his lips the first she ever felt on hers?

She tried not to cry before standing up with wobbly feet to leave the scene. But she did not forget to smack his head with her hand before shuffling out of the scene with her heavy costume.

"Ah!" Leo scoffed in shock even as the medic team arrived. 

That was what he got for saving her life?

He frowned deeply before getting up to chase after her. 

That was the last straw that broke the camel's back!

She was so going to leave his house because he did not like ungrateful girls. 

"Leo.. What was that just now?" Richard called after him in surprise. 

He had seen and heard people saying Leo was a doctor and should save a lady. 

Even though Leo was very identical to his brother, he knew that the guy he was seeing there was obviously Leo and not Louis. 

So he had thought Leo would explain he was not a doctor but a writer. But to his shock, he saw Leo push forward with the idea while pretending to be his brother. 

And what even shocked him more, he saw the lady and realised who she was. She was the lady staying in his house.

Leo ignored Richard and continued to walk fast in order to catch up with Mia that was already running. 

"Whoa Bro.. Chill! You look like someone going to start a war." Richard put a hand on his shoulder to stop him from moving any further. 

"I am not only going to start a war, I am going to knock some sense into that empty head of hers." He spat out in fury as he stopped to explain to his friend everything that had happened. 

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"Is she crazy? The first thing she could ask was whether or not I kissed her? Like why would I want to kiss someone like her who is not only foulmouthed but ungrateful and bad tempered?" 

Richard began to grin. Those were guys for you. Out of everything Leo said, he was only interested in their mouth-to-mouth 'encounter'.

"Was it soft?" He asked to interrupt Leo who was still ranting. 

"Hell yea it wa—" Leo suddenly paused and glared at Richard who was now chuckling. 

"Are you crazy?" 

"So you liked it? Look how you just admitted it at once." 

"Cause I was thinking a whole lot of things and my mind didn't register what you had asked me." 

"That's the best time to get the truth out of someone. Don't be too worked up. Besides, even though she has those kind of attitude, you know she's really pretty and that should cover up for her shortcomings right?" Richard laughed. 

"Do you think being pretty is just enough? She has to work on her manners too. Jesus! I cannot believe how unlucky I am today." He exclaimed out of frustration.

"You didn't deny she was pretty. That's very interesting. Trust me, you might end up liking her one day." Richard assured him.

"Are you out of your mind?" He suddenly yelled at Richard. 

"How do you expect me to like someone like that? I'd rather shave my head and turn into a monk" He hissed. 

"So should we make a bet? If you dare fall for her, you'd shave your head and turn into a monk."

Leo didn't see any possibility of that ever happening so he quickly accepted the bet. 

"Good. Then I give you two weeks. If I am sure you still hate her this much, I'll pursue her" Richard declared with a grin. "She's cool you know"

"Are you out of your mind? Who do you think you are to call the shots here?" Leo eyed him and pushed past him to go look for the ungrateful and bad mannered crazy housemate of his.

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