150 You look... flustered

By the time the car stopped in front of Leo's house, Mia could tell Leo was really sick and was trying to hide it from her.

"Get on my back." She said as squatted in front of him making him raise a confusing yet amused brow at her.

"Are you... okay?" He asked as he looked at her without making a move.

"You are sick. I can't let you walk too much so hop on my back and I'll carry you inside the house."

It wouldn't have been very funny to Leo had Mia not looked very serious as she said to him in an authoritative voice.

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"Hurry up!" She said sternly as she looked over her shoulder to see his face which had a smile plastered on it as he watched her in astonishmemt.

He had never had anyone offer to give him a piggyback ride before.

"I don't.." He suddenly stopped talking and the smile on his face turned to a mischievous one as he leaned in on her back.

Since she was stubborn, he was going to have to indulge her.

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