112 You like what?

Leo had never been this tempted in his entire life. 

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He remembered he had reminded himself some days back to not let Mia take alcohol again but he had let her and tonight's case was on a whole different level.

She wanted to sleep inside his room? He thought he told her he didn't really like others inside his room. She was really tempting him. Definitely tempting him!

"Go, hurry up! Run!!!!" Mia said passionately as she urged him to move since he was just standing there and looking at her.

He wanted to say something but when he opened his mouth, nothing came out. He sighed in defeat before carrying her towards his room. He didn't have much choice anyway. 

Carefully, he laid her on the bed and she shut her eyes when her back touched the bed. "It feels nice... and different." She moaned softly as she spread her arms to enjoy the comfort.

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