102 You are so silly!

Jeremy sat inside the classroom with his earphone on as he waited for the class to begin. 

It was as if Jeremy knew whenever she walked in even if his mind wasn't there because immediately he looked at the door, Chloe entered inside.

Surprisingly, she was staring right back at him. 

It was the first time she was looking so intently at him. He looked behind him just to be sure he was the one she was looking at and when he turned,  she was still staring.

What even surprise him the most was that she walked towards him and sat down beside him while he continued to look at her in surprise.

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"What is it? Why do you act like you've see a ghost?" She asked looking at his face.

Jeremy looked around and as expected, all eyes were on the both of them. He noticed the contemptuous look Kelvin gave him but turned to look back at Chloe without sparing Kelvin a second glance.

He blinked a couple of times not knowing what to say to her. 

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