63 You are our hope.

Mia heard her phone ring as she was going home and took it from inside her bag while also trying to keep her eyes on the road. 

She sighed when she saw it was Mr B calling. After blowing up at him the other day and had even called him a son of a B. She was pretty sure he was going to return the favour now and probably say he didn't ever want to see her again. 

"Hello? Mia?" His eager voice asked. 

"Yes?" She said carefully.

"I just wanted to say I am sorry for the other day and how I reacted... Are you free right now?" 

Mia's brows furrowed in confusion. What was happening?

"I'm on my way home from school.. why?" 

"Good! Can you come over to the studio? There is a great opportunity for all of us... for you.. you don't want to miss this Mia.. you really do not want to"

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"A great opportunity?" Mia asked in confusion as her steps halted. 

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