95 You are a dirty pervert.

The Vet clinic Tara was taken to was the most popular Vet Clinic in the city and so the building was quite large and had different sections just like a normal hospital.

The clinic had a whole lot of positive reviews online so there were always a lot of people inside the clinic with their pets.

"Tara. A Maltese dog. 4 years old." Leo said at the counter and he was directed to where he would find here.

He hurried to where he was directed to and easily noticed Louis who was sitting around there.

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"Where is Mia?" He asked looking around. "And Tara. How is she?" Leo asked impatiently. 

"Tara is fine. She is resting. Mia went to the restroom." Louis said with an amused expression on his face. 

"You got here even earlier than I expected. You must have been really worried." 

"Of course, I'm worried about Tara!" Leo said immediately.

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