20 Witch

As Leo lay on his bed that night, he tried to make sense of everything he had seen and heard a few hours back.

It was no wonder she behaved like a boy. It was obvious now that she was into women. He could not believe another woman was telling another woman those words. Wow! He had read about it but never in his life did he think he was going to witness a scene like that.

When he remembered what happened, he sat up with annoyance.

"Jerk?" He asked himself. He had been taken aback when he heard the other girl ask Mia whether he was the 'Jerk' she had talked about.

The more he remembered it it, the annoyed he got. He did not want to leave his house for a stranger if not, he would have done just that.

He did not like her one bit, so what was the nonsense Richard was saying about a possibility of him falling in love with her? He would have spat on the floor, but because he did not want to mar his spotless floor, he stopped himself from doing so.

If Richard liked, he should go ahead and pursue her. There was no way it concerned him.

"What a Psychopath!" He spat out angrily before getting up.

He had to work or do something. He needed to occupy his mind with other things instead of getting angry.

He ran his eyes around his room and thought about doing some cleaning. His room was wide and spacious and every corner was tidy. He had different wallpapers attached to the wall and all of them had been his creation.

One picture was of the beach, another was of the sunset, another was of a little girl smiling.

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He smiled as he looked at that particular picture. "Kate" He said her name in a low voice before looking at the last wallpaper.

It was the back of someone completely clad in a black outfit from head to toe. The person also wore a black baseball cap. They had been other people around, but he had taken great measure to take a shot of the only one he needed.

He stretched out his hand to touch the person, his gaze showed longing.

He could still remember that night. The first and last time he saw the mystery girl. That period, his mood had been sour from what Cherry did to him.

In a bid to make him feel better, Richard had forced him out with him one night.

He said there was a street dancing competition and they should both watch.

He had not been interested in it. In fact, he hadn't been interested in anything at that point. Even when the dance went on, he had not been paying attention.

But something finally caught his attention. In a group of five guys, there was a girl. And she seemed to be the lead as she danced in their middle. Her face was painted with different bright and dark colors, plus she was wearing a cap so no one could have actually been able to make out what she actually looked like.

The way her body moved effortlessly as she danced, he had never seen something like that in his entire life. It was beyond beautiful!

At that moment, he totally forgot about his sadness. He wondered what it would be like to take a good shot of her. Before he remembered to take out his camera, the group was already done. He was only able to take a photo of her back before she disappeared.

In fact, the entire crew disappeared. None of them had been present to receive their prize for coming out first place in the competition.

And no matter how hard he tried, he could not find or meet her.

Since the street dancing was a competition that took place only once in a year, it made it even more difficult to ever see her at that time plus he travelled out of the country.

He ran his hands over the large wallpaper. At the end of it, there was his signature and a 'BLACK LADY' written there.

"Black Lady" He muttered.

A text notification beep pulled him back to reality. He checked to see it was from Richard who was asking him to come have fun with him.

Since he was less busy at the moment, he decided to do some photo editing later and just go have fun for now.

When he came out from the room, the noticed that the place was awfully quiet. He could only guess that the girls were both out since he had left them to go settle inside his room.

He looked at the direction of her room's door and muttered a "Witch" before leaving the apartment.


Mia paced around the side of a busy street as she waited for someone.

When she finally caught sight of the person, she sighed in relief and moved closer to where he just parked his motorcycle.

The young man who was around her age bracket handed her a nylon back and gave her a skeptical look.

"What is it? What's with the look?" She asked him curiously.

"You are going to have to increase my pay you know that right?"

"What? I also give you some pies! Don't be silly" She complained with a frown before peeking inside the bag.

"How is she? Does she look sick or anything?" She raised her head to ask.

"She looks fine."

"Okay. Thanks." Mia thanked him and waited for him to drive away but he remained there and continued to look at her.

"What is it?" She raised a questioning brow at him.

"When do you intend to stop this?" He asked while giving her a pitiful look. "It's no longer funny."

"Wh..at? Funny?" She asked in a tone that showed she was becoming angry.

"I can't remember when this whole thing started or what gave you the idea to always buy your mother's pastries and bread with the little money you earn from the menial jobs you take up. Don't you think—"

"Stop it!" She interrupted in a low but harsh voice.

"I am tired of you all trying to lecture me. So just do what you're asked to and mind your business." She spoke slowly, but it was very obvious she was angry.

He sighed and looked at her pitifully. He could never understand her. But instead of getting angry at the way she was sounding, he pitied her even more.

"Mia. I am sorry. I just don't want—"

"I said it's okay. You all will never understand."

She licked her lips and blinked a couple of times before walking away from him.

As she walked down the street, it began to rain. She did nothing to shield herself from the rain and continued to walk in a daze while trying her best not to cry.

She suddenly remembered when she was younger. She had heard Kids talking about their parents and the things their parents had done for them. Those kind of conversations, she usually kept herself from it because she had nothing to say and it always made her sad.

She had a lot of love to give to her parents, but why did they never want it? Why did they not show her love at all?

She would have thought that that was the way they showed their love since every one differed, but she had seen the way they treated her sister, Mary. It was very different from the way she was treated.

But it didn't matter to her. Now that her mother had no one else but her, she was going to take care of her. Maybe one day, just one day, a miracle might happen.

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