91 Who is a better kisser?

"What the hell!" Mira exclaimed in surprise but quickly kept her voice low when she noticed how people inside the restaurant were beginning to look at her.

"Wait a minute.. You mean you went there and the guy you have a crush on was there and not just that, he is going to be dancing beside you?" Mira asked with wide eyes. 

Mia sighed before rubbing her forehead. "I was so surprised suddenly seeing him there. I didn't even know he was a dancer" She said.

"He has enough time to dance when he should be campaigning? Something seems off. How did he react when he saw you?" Mira asked with curiosity.

"Well... he did look really surprised. Then he smiled and said..."

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"It's surprising to see you here." Benjamin said with a pleasant smile. "I didn't know you danced." 

Mia didn't know what to say at that point. Meeting him there totally caught her off guard.

"Are you okay?" Mr B had asked when she just stared with slightly wide eyes. 

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