193 White and a touch of aquamarine

The 'party' was over by the time Chloe and Jeremy got to the Stark's residence. Leo, Mia and James had already left while Kelvin, Benjamin and Amara were inside the house. 

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Fortunately, Ellie had come inside the hospital room just when Jeremy was about to go look for her and he promised her he was going to return soon and with that, he left the hospital with Chloe. He had literally ran out of there before any doctor or the nurses suspected he was about to leave the hospital. 

Chloe got down from the back of the taxi and stopped walking to wonder why he wasn't following behind her.

She turned to see a funny scene of Jeremy in a tug of war with the hem of his shirt which got stuck when he jammed the door close. 

Chloe sighed wearily as she watched him. "Can he ever do something the right way for once?" How did that even manage to happen?

She asked herself and looked at him like he was stupid before simply opening the door to release the shirt. 

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