188 Where is he?

"Arrgh! Why can't they keep it down?" Rachel asked, pulling her hair in frustration. She was pissed and hearing the noises that came from the next room made her even more angry. 

She quickly got off her bed and began to stomp towards her brother's room in just a tank top and boxer brief which she had taken from Peter on the day he bought it. Her hair was in a mess but that was the least of her concern as she marched towards his room and pushed the door open.

"Can you two keep it down? I'm trying to fix my assignment!" She said, glaring at the two until her eyes landed on the box of pizza on the floor beside where them. 

"You ordered pizza?" She asked them both accusingly as she went further inside the room to pick up the two last pieces. 

Peter hadn't been willing to pause the game to acknowledge her presence so he had continued playing until Noah paused it. 

"What the hell dude!" Peter glared at Noah.

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