119 What. The. Hell!

"Ehm.. do I have to style my hair? I thought I was only going to change out of these clothes." Mia said when they were about to enter inside a room. 

"My dear, we have to. This is part of the services Mr King paid for." 

"He paid for it?" She asked in surprise. 

"Yea.. I guess he told you he owns this place with his brother right?"

Mia nodded. 

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"He still has to pay for the services." She said with a wink before pushing the door open.

"I'm sorry dear, but you have to get your hair and make up done first before we go pick out some clothes for you. The stylist has somewhere he has to be so he has to leave really early." She said before giving Mia and apologetic smile.

"Darling, this is Mike." The lady said to Mia when they entered inside the room which looked like an executive salon. 

"He is the best stylish here. He is going to make you look pretty while I go handle some things in the office." 

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