195 What if he did?

Throughout that day, things were still a bit awkward for the new couple, Leo and Mia. It wasn't until Friday morning when she was about to leave for school that he decided to do something about it and ask her out on a date.

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"A date?" She asked in surprise, standing in front of her door and not giving him a chance to go inside. He had noticed it. Whenever he went to her door, she opened it only a little, not giving him a chance to look in talk more of going inside. 

Why was she being so distant? He wondered. 

Mira had made Mia a bit worried after their discussion. She had told her that now that she was dating Leo and also lived in the same house, something was bound to happen eventually and had warned her to be careful if she didn't want it to happen just yet. Mia wasn't sure she was ready to cross that bridge for now so the best thing was not to let him inside.

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