227 What happened to you?

Leo wasn't sure this was a good thing. He looked at Jeremy and his sister who were standing outside his door, obviously waiting for him to let them inside, and answer their questions. 

"Where is Mia and why isn't she answering her phone?" Jeremy asked again and tried to peek over Leo's shoulder. He was getting really impatient with Leo's silence. 

"He insisted on coming." Chloe explained when Leo's eyes moved from Jeremy to her. 

Leo seemed uninterested in whatever was happening with the two. That was the least of his problems. He had to handle Mia first before facing Jeremy and give him a proper scolding for making his sister look sad and uncool. She was looking too simple for 'Chloe' in the outfit she was wearing. 

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"She isn't feeling too well and I'm not sure she would appreciate the company." He said and moved away from the door to give them a chance to walk inside. 

"And why weren't you answering your phone? Where is she? I'd like to see her." 

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