175 We aren't dating

Mira arrived home feeling very grumpy. Everything had taken a toll on her and she just wanted to disappear. She wished someone was taking her side right now. Didn't she have any right to be mad at Mia for ignoring them? Of course she did! She was angry because Mia had been working her ass off for years to pay up a debt she didn't owe and she hadn't told them about it. If they had known, herself and James would have helped her out. But that was what Mia had said she didn't want. She didn't want her friends to help her, she didn't want to be a burden to them so she wanted to handle things herself even though it had broken her completely. 

If she had known Mary had done so, she wouldn't have stopped with only a few slaps and punches. She would have beaten the hell out of her until she was unconscious. 

"Mira wait!" James had called after her immediately she left his room and was heading outside to where her car was parked. 

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