171 We are in love

Leo looked inside the house when they entered inside. It was small and looked uncomfortable. How come Mia lived in a place like this? He asked himself. 

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There were only two old couches inside, a small wooden table that had seen better days, a really old box TV with a video player.. everywhere was small and congested, making it hard for him to breathe inside. He had never been inside a house as small as this.

He could see why Mia like his place. 'Ah! This girl.' He was just going to make sure she never returned there.

The three women looked at each other's faces before Mia stepped closer to Mary.

Although there was slight guilt in Mary's eyes, she tried to keep a challenging look which caused Mia to scoff at her. 

"Lower your gaze" Mia warned quietly but in a stern voice. Mary didn't have any right to look at her that way when she was supposed to be apologizing to her.

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