109 Warm up?

Chloe looked out her office window for a long time until a knock came on her door.

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"Come in." She said without turning around.

As expected, it was Jeremy. She could tell he was the one even without checking.

"I was just wondering when you were planning to leave." He said after he closed the door behind him. 

"It's still raining heavily. I guess I have to wait a bit more before leaving. Why? You are in a hurry to leave?" She turned to ask him.

He could guess she didn't want to leave because she was scared of going down to the parking lot after what happened the previous day. But he was here with her right? 

"Uhm yes..  it's already nine thirty. My sister would be worried and scared." He said with a frown. 

"You have a sister?" She suddenly asked curiously. She was just realizing now that she knew nothing about someone who was going to be working for her.

"Yes. Ellie Wiliams. She is 8." He explained. 

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