143 Voices in his head

"Are you done with the zip?" Mira asked James before burping loudly. 

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"Almost." He swallowed hard before fully unzipping it.

She struggled to turn around and eventually did. With her eyes closed, she began to strip out of her clothes. It was almost a struggle for her especially with her back on the bed.

She was finally able to remove her hand and pushed the dress down her chest a little, revealing her white lace bra to James who was no longer breathing.

Images from seeing her naked earlier flashed in his head so he could vividly imagine what her boobs looked like with the bra aside.

His eyes moved to her hands which were struggling to get the gown past her hips. Her body was so smooth and soft. He had seen this body a lot of times but now, it was different and it was obvious in his nether region which was growing even more. 

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