4 Unholy Room

Chloe kept trying to reach James. If her brother found out what she had done, she knew she was done for. Fortunately, she received his text, stating that he was leaving town. That was when she was finally able to breathe properly.

Luckily for her, she had advised James to not change the passcode of the apartment since he also had a housemate and had warned him to only use the part of the house she had showed him and not move to the other room. For now she was safe.

She knew that her brother hardly made use of the other room, so she was sure he would not find someone else's property for now, At least, till she figured out how to settle the whole issue.

"Have a safe trip" She texted back with a relaxed smile.

Mia kept admiring the interior of the room the walk-in closet and also the bathroom. The bathroom was twice the size of her room at home, but she wasn't very wowed since she had seen bigger and better places.

She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. She couldn't recall the last time she saw her reflection.

Her long black hair was in cornrows. Her fair skin looked pale but it didn't hide how pretty she looked. She had long eyelashes and full brows, her round eyes were sparkling and her small red lips was perfect for her small face. She had nice figures but she was always putting on a Guy's Tee and ripped Jeans and her clothes were all black. She never looked like a lady, one look at her and people concludes that she was a Thug. she wasn't wearing any jewelries either so she was looking rather plain.

Looking at her reflection right now, a tear escaped her left eye. Once upon a time, this girl was wearing pretty gowns and shoes. Now, here she was at 23 looking so 'unladylike'.

She quickly wiped the tears off and left the bathroom. She was already depressed so she lay down on the bed while facing the ceiling. She fixed her head set to her ears to listen to a cool song and before she knew it, she was already asleep.


As soon as Leo typed in the passcode, the door opened. 'Smart girl. She didn't mess with my place' He thought.

The lady by his side could no longer hold back so she pounced on him. Luckily for him, he was able to keep them both from falling.

They had been making out in the car which made the driver almost miss a few turns. But fortunately, he was able to keep himself from staring at them. He didn't know whether he hated or loved his job.

He held her firmly by the waist as they kept making out while he kicked the door close.

His left hand was holding her waist tight while his other hand was already lingering inside her blouse as he slowly led them both towards the other room.

Though, he hardly made use of that room, but whenever he came home with a girl, he made sure they never got into his main bedroom. He could not imagine sleeping in the same bed where those cheap women had tainted. So the other room was his 'unholy room'.

Gradually, slowly, he opened the door and they both entered inside the 'unholy room'.

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